As a passenger traveling in the EU, you might have more rights than you’re aware of. If your flight was delayed or canceled causing you to be late to your final destination, you may be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately for travelers, delays and cancellations occur more often than you would hope they would. Airlines are dealing with hundreds of flights every hour, making sure they get where they need to as close to on time as possible. With this chaos, some mistakes are bound to occur resulting in delays and cancellations.

If one of these mistakes happens to you, under regulations passed by the EU, you may be eligible for compensation from the airlines. Claiming this EU Airlines compensation can be difficult as there still remain plenty of loopholes for the airlines to take advantage of so you’ll need to know the rules and regulations before you fly. If you have a case for compensation, contact a flight compensation company near you. They will help you fight the airline to receive your due compensation for any delays, cancellations, or overbookings. Traveling is stressful enough as it is, let alone once your flight is disrupted. Avoid the stress and heartache of a disruption and claim your money now.


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