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511, 2022

How Many Bags Can You Take on a Plane?

One of the hardest things to do is pack as you're planning a trip! You want to make sure that you have enough clothes to wear for the duration of the stay while still preparing for accidents. After a couple of extra outfits, weather-appropriate jackets, and footwear, it can be hard to fit all your personal belongings into one bag. Now, you may wonder how many bags you can take on a plane? The answer is, it depends. Some airlines allow you to bring up to two carry-on bags with you on the plane, though one must be able to [...]

3110, 2022

Why Don’t Planes Fly Over Tibet?

Tibet is a beautiful country with so much to offer the world. An autonomous region of China, it’s home to Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth. There are also beautiful palaces, fantastic cultural attractions, and amazing food to try – just to name a few. Why wouldn’t you want to hop a plane and take on this interesting country with all that to offer? It’s a little-known fact that most planes actually don’t fly over Tibet, but it’s not because it’s unlucky. Instead, it’s because it’s not safe. It’s so high above sea level that most pilots will go [...]

2510, 2022

Is Crashing a Plane Illegal?

Every pilot’s worst nightmare is crashing a plane. Not only is it incredibly dangerous – sometimes even deadly – it’s highly traumatic, costly, and can have terrible far-reaching consequences. You could cause physical damage to yourself, your passengers, and those around you or develop PTSD. These are just the surface of the potential consequences of crashing your plane. It is not illegal to crash a plane by accident, though you could face charges if you do it on purpose or damage other people’s properties. Let’s explore some of the legal consequences of crashing your plane, even if it’s not illegal. [...]

1910, 2022

How Much Does a Plane Weigh?

Planes are fantastic pieces of technology that have made traveling worldwide easier for more than 100 years. We’ve come a long way from these early designs. The Wright Brothers 1903 plane weighed just 605 pounds. Now, commercial planes carry more than that in luggage alone! Typically, the average commercial aircraft will weigh between 152.9 and 220.1 tons – or 337,100 to 485,300 pounds. That is just the weight of the plane alone. It gets even heavier when you add the people, luggage, and other materials transported on planes. But there are maximums that planes need to stay under to maintain [...]

1310, 2022

7 Fastest Planes in the World

Commercial planes can get you from point A to point B, but they focus more on function than style. They’re faster than traveling by train, boat, or car in most cases, but other planes are much quicker on the market today.  Scientists, engineers, and militaries have been working to develop fast planes ever since the first plane successfully flew in 1903. Here are 7 of the fastest planes in the world today. 1. North American X-15 The North American X-15 holds the record for the fastest plane globally, with speeds topping 7,274 kilometers per hour. It was first developed by [...]

710, 2022

How Fast Do Planes Fly?

When you see a plane in the sky, it doesn’t look like they’re moving too fast, nor does it feel like it when you’re on the airplane. You really only feel the movement if you’re taking off, landing, or encountering turbulence during your flight. Your ears might pop, or your stomach feels like it jumps into your chest. All other times, it feels like smooth sailing. You can track the distance flown on the tablet on the back of most seats, but have you ever wondered exactly how fast do planes fly? Typically a commercial jet can fly between 740-930 [...]

110, 2022

Is There WiFi on Planes?

We are so connected to our technology that the idea of unplugging for a few hours while on a flight may be enough to induce a slight panic attack. Never fear. WiFi is available on most flights, though it may cost you depending on the airline you’re flying with. Whether for free or for a fee, you can be back up and running in no time, re-connected to the digital world around you. However, keep in mind it won’t be as fast as you’re used to on the ground – in-flight WiFi has room for improvement. How Can I Get [...]

2509, 2022

How High Does a Plane Fly?

Perspective is a funny thing. When you see a plane flying high above you, it seems so tiny – close enough that you can hear it sometimes, but far enough away that it looks almost like a toy. Yet, when you’re on the plane looking down at the world below, the world appears like a dollhouse with neat rows of houses, perfectly laid out parks, and bodies of water. If you squint hard enough, you may be able to see people playing, or crowds gathered, depending on how high your plane is flying. But how high does a typical plane [...]

1909, 2022

Who Invented the Plane?

While it may seem like modern technology, airplanes were invented more than 100 years ago. Orville and Wilbur Wright had their first successful flight on December 17, 1903, but a lot of work went into that beforehand – though the title of who invented the first plane is still up for debate to this day. What Inspired the Wright Brothers? When they were young, their father gifted them with a toy helicopter. It flew, and the brothers quickly became interested in flying. They educated themselves as they grew up, making money by entering the printing business and later the bicycle [...]

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