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3003, 2024

How to Find Flight Number Without Ticket?

Flight numbers are the only way to track what’s going on with your trip, so it’s really important that you have one. Whether you’re trying to pick someone up at the airport and need to know when they’re landing or simply curious about your own travel plans, it’s critical that you locate your flight number. There are a couple of different ways you can find your flight number without a ticket, so here’s all you need to know. They make it easy, so you never have to wonder what your flight number is. Key Takeaways Your flight number [...]

2303, 2024

Do You Need Passport Number to Book International Flight?

If you’re planning any international travel, a passport is a must. It’s the only way you can travel from country to country, but just because you need a passport to travel doesn’t mean you need one to book. You can set your plans and enter your passport information at a later date. Here’s all you need to know about booking international travel without a passport. Key Takeaways You do not need a passport to book an international flight, but you will need a valid passport to travel internationally. The passport application process can take several months, so it's [...]

1603, 2024

What is a Redress Number For Flights?

There are millions of passengers who travel daily around the world, and there’s a list of those who are considered high-risk. These passengers may still be allowed to travel. They’ll just have to go through additional screening to make sure it’s safe for them to travel. With those lists, it’s common for multiple people to have the same name, and occasionally, you could be flagged as high-risk when it’s intended for someone else with the same name. If this occurs frequently, it can be really frustrating. You just want to get through airport security, but it feels like [...]

903, 2024

What is PNR Number For Flights?

After you’ve made your booking, there’s a lot of information on your confirmation. You’ll see your departure time and arrival times, destinations, and more. You’ll also see a reservation number. It’s often a mixture of letters and numbers. This is unique to you, and it’s called your Passenger Name Record, or PNR for short. Here’s all you need to know about this number and what it means for your trip. Spoiler alert, it’s pretty important, but you don’t need to memorize it just yet. Key Takeaways A PNR number, or Passenger Name Record, is a unique code assigned [...]

203, 2024

How to Find Flight Number?

Your flight number is very important. It’s what helps you identify your flight and learn critical information that impacts your travel plans. If your flight is delayed, cancelled, or the gate is changed when you’re at the airport, it will be listed by your flight number. If you need to check you’re on the same flight as someone else, you’ll do that by checking your flight number. There’s a lot of information packed in this simple number, so it’s important that you know where to locate it. Your flight number is like a travel ID, so let’s go [...]

2402, 2024

What is Flight Number?

When you’re booking a trip, you’ll see a lot of information on the page. Not only does it include your departure and destination, but it also includes information about your flight itself. It’s often two letters followed by a series of numbers. This is your flight number, and it’s like an identification number for your specific trip. When you’re at the airport, you can check the board for your flight number. It will show you the current status of your trip, where your gate is located, what baggage claim to use, and so much more. Your flight number [...]

1702, 2024

Can I Exchange Currency at Airport?

It’s important to have options for how to pay when you’re travelling. A credit card without foreign transaction fees is a must, but you’ll also want to travel with a little bit of cash in case you need it. You can travel with your local currency if you don’t have time to order local currency before you leave. If that’s the case, you’ll need to exchange it once you get there. One of the easiest ways to exchange currency is at the airport. Currency exchanges exist for this reason - to help travellers get funds to use when [...]

1002, 2024

Can You Get Through Airport Security Without an ID?

After you’ve spent hours packing for a trip, you get to the airport, and you frantically start to search your pockets. You can’t find your wallet, despite checking and rechecking several times to make sure you had it. Maybe you left it in the car, or you dropped it while walking. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have your ID, and now you’re wondering if you can still travel without it. The answer is maybe. If the security can prove your identity in a different way, you will be allowed to continue your travels, but know that [...]

302, 2024

Can I Print My Boarding Pass at the Airport?

Your boarding pass is your ticket on the plane. You need to scan it when you check in, when you go through security, and lastly, to get on the plane. It’s important that you have it on yourself at all points during your airport stay. You can print it at home, but what if you don’t have a printer or it’s out of ink? Can you print your boarding pass at the airport? Yes, you can print your boarding pass at the airport. There are a few different ways that you can access your boarding pass, so let’s [...]

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