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2101, 2022

Do Airports Check for Warrants?

We all need to travel and sometimes, there's a warrant out for our arrest while we're trying to get out of the country. Not all warrants are justified, so it's important that this information be readily available to someone who needs it. Can you fly when there's a warrant out for your arrest? The short answer is yes, but it's going to be a stressful experience. We'll be taking a look through the many aspects of traveling and airport security to determine whether or not the airport will check for any warrants that you may have. Traveling is already stressful [...]

1401, 2022

What is the Best Way to Sleep on a Long Haul Flight

One of the banes of any traveler’s existence is sleeping on a long-haul flight. Planes are made to transport as many people as they safely can a long distance. The more people they transport across the world, the more money they make. However, this requires airlines to sacrifice space which can make sleeping on an airplane nearly impossible for some people. You have a 10-hour flight ahead of you and you know that you need to catch some shut-eye to avoid jet lag and make the flight itself pass by quicker. But how do you catch that much-needed sleep? From [...]

1401, 2022

Can You Wear Jewelry Through Airport Security?

Whether we're trying to look good on the plane, have a meeting or dinner awaiting us at our destination, or simply enjoy wearing jewelry, we all have our reasons for keeping items on when passing through security. I've found myself setting off my fair share of metal detectors when wearing my rings or necklaces. But are you allowed to wear jewelry when passing through airport security? Well for starters, unlike shoes and electronics, there's not a specified rule stating that you can't wear jewelry when passing through airport security. Chances are it'll be alright to wear jewelry when passing through, [...]

1001, 2022

What Time Does the Airport Open?

Airports are quite interesting in terms of when they're open. Most international or otherwise major airports have flights coming in every hour of every day. So technically, they're open all the time and therefore don’t have an opening hour. However, many parts of the airport do close once you've reached a late enough hour. So what time does the airport open, exactly? Let's take a look at the different parts of an airport to see what they're open and when they're closed. Keep in mind that most major airports are privately owned and therefore can run on their own hours. [...]

2112, 2021

Is It Cheaper to Buy Tickets At the Airport?

Whether you need a last-second ticket abroad, think it might be cheaper in person, or simply forgot one of the most crucial aspects of flying, buying your plane ticket at the airport is certainly an option. But is it a smart option? In many situations, you could find that buying a ticket right before an event is a cheap alternative to buying online. Rush tickets for plays and shows tend to be drastically reduced compared to the initial, online tickets. But what about when flying? Is it cheaper to buy the tickets at the airport? There's long been a rumor [...]

312, 2021

Can I Leave the Airport During a Layover?

If you've ever had a layover, you understand how cumbersome it can be to simply wait around an airport for hours on end. Sometimes our layover is a few hours, other times a day. Sticking around the airport is the last thing we want to do while waiting around for our connecting flight, but what else can we do? Can passengers leave the airport during a layover? As long as you're willing to go through the security process, leave your checked luggage, and enter customs all over again, then feel free to leave the airport during a layover. For some [...]

1511, 2021

Does the Airport Scan Checked Luggage?

We all know how strenuous the security process can be for our carry-on luggage as well as our body. Countless scanners, random searches, x-rays, pat-downs, you name it. But what about our checked luggage? What security measures are in place for them? Do they go through security in the first place? Let's take a look at what journey is ahead of your checked luggage to see whether or not any weapons, drugs, or other contraband can successfully get through airport security. The short answer is yes, your checked bags will go through a scanning process, much like yourself and your [...]

1110, 2021

How to Navigate an Airport?

Airports are sprawling jungles of concrete and steel, packed with thousands of stressed-out inhabitants, rushing to get to their flight on time, each one just as confused as you are on where to go. All of this is to say that we get it, airports are confusing, and navigating one to find your gate in time for your flight can be quite stressful. Luckily, we're here to help with a comprehensive guide on how to navigate throughout any airport. Most airports follow a transnational set of rules and guidelines so that these tips and tricks can be applied almost anywhere. [...]

410, 2021

Are Airports Privately Owned?

Airports are some of the largest commercial hubs in the world. They host hundreds of thousands of passengers every day and thousands of flights. There must be some massive governing body handling all of this traffic and communicating with other airports to ensure all of this travel goes off without a hitch. But is this governing body a private company? In many cases, yes, the airport is owned and operated by a private company. This is true across the world, primarily in European nations. However, it's not always the case as the United States requires that all commercial, international airports [...]

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