1505, 2022

Are Flights Being Cancelled Due to COVID-19?

Airlines have been canceling many flights as the new variant of COVID-19 has once again started to spread rapidly. The transmission carriers have delayed or cancelled many flights to cease or reduce this year. These cancellations indicate that there will be many more cancellations due to COVID-19. There might even be a complete lockdown resulting in ceased flight operations. Read till the end to know how the spread of COVID-19 has affected air travel and your right as a passenger if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19. Can Airlines Deny Boarding You Due to COVID-19? Passengers will [...]

1005, 2022

Why Are So Many Flights Being Cancelled?

Millions of people decided to travel to their homes through airplanes this holiday season, but not all could make it as several flights got cancelled. Around 8000 flights got cancelled by January alone in Europe. Approximately 7,519 flight cancellations occurred in a day worldwide in the holiday season. Why is this happening? The reasons for cancellation are many, including the rapid spread of the Omicron virus, extremely cold weather, etc. Read along to know many other reasons. Winter Storms It is not safe for the passengers and the crew in the aircraft to fly during the winter storms as strong [...]

505, 2022

How to Deal With a Flight Cancellation?

Flight cancellations are common and often inevitable. So, if you're a regular traveler, there's almost no way you can avoid it. Everybody hates delays and cancellations, and you often can't avoid them. But you still have a choice on how to react to the situation. Either you can be angry and frustrated, or you can remain calm and think about making the best of a flight cancellation. This article will discuss the things you need to do when your flight is cancelled. Don't Panic Don't panic. The first tip is not to lose your cool in the face of a [...]

3004, 2022

How Can You Find Out Why Your Flight Was Cancelled?

Flight cancellation messages or calls from the airline can be your biggest nightmare when you are ready for your dream vacation or for an important business trip. But sometimes things don't go according to your plans and you have to deal with such frustrating and annoying scenarios. If your flight is cancelled, you would want to find out why the airline cancelled that flight and what you should do in a situation like this? It’s important to know as the reason of the cancellation will dictate your next steps and whether or not you’re eligible for a refund. In this [...]

2504, 2022

Can I Cancel a Flight and Get a Refund?

Has this ever happened to you, when you've booked a plane ticket and the next day you find out that you cannot go due to a genuine reason? It isn't very pleasant. And I'm sure that you would want to get a refund on your unused ticket. So, can you get a refund on an unused airline ticket? If yes, then how? You’ll get answers to these questions and more in the article below. So, let’s dive in. Can You Get a Refund if You Voluntarily Cancel a Flight? Yes, you can get a refund if you voluntarily cancel a [...]

2004, 2022

Why Do Flights Get Cancelled?

Flight cancellations can be frustrating, and the worst part is that they are unpredictable. However, when it happens, usually airlines refund the passengers to make up for it. Let's discuss the most common reasons flights get cancelled and whether you qualify for a refund in those situations or not. Severe Weather Conditions Weather is probably the most common and obvious reason for the cancellation of the flight. Airplanes are grounded during severe weather to ensure the safety of the passengers. These conditions can include hurricanes, snowstorms, fog, even excessively high temperatures, because of which the plane will not be able [...]

1504, 2022

What To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed?

Millions of people worldwide travel by air as it is the fastest way of traveling. But even the quickest mode of traveling faces delays, more than one might expect. If you're going to air travel any time soon, it would be a good idea to know about flight delays and the best course of action in such situations. Let's take it one step at a time. Below are all the steps you should take to deal with these sudden disruptions in your trip. Check the Reason for the Flight Delay Don't panic if your flight is delayed. Stay calm and [...]

1004, 2022

How Long Can Airlines Delay a Flight Without Any Compensation?

Due to COVID-19, thousands of flights have been delayed in the last two years. Thus, it is making it troublesome not only for passengers but also for the aviation industry. Airlines face many challenges to remain profitable in this pandemic due to strict government regulations regarding COVID-19. It has resulted in frequent flight delays, and the airlines try to minimize the damage by offering their passengers vouchers, bonuses, and discounts (as it’s cheaper than providing refunds). However, if passengers face significant flight delays, it is their right (unless the delay is due to unforeseen circumstances out of the airline’s control) [...]

504, 2022

How Do I Find Out the Reason for My Flight Delay?

Flight delays are unpredictable, and they can ruin your trip. But it can be saved if you are prepared for such circumstances beforehand. When the airline notifies you about your flight delay, it is essential to know why. If the airline's fault causes the delay, you may be entitled to several benefits. There are various methods of finding out about the reason for your flight delay. Let's discuss each one in detail. Check the Airline’s Website or App If you face a flight delay, you will find out about it on the airline's official website. You will also find out [...]

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