Flying in Europe on Wizz Air has its perks. However, if you face a cancelation or delay during your trip, you may also be able to claim additional compensation of up to €600 per passenger, depending on the circumstances. Here’s all you need to know about Wizz Air and EC 261.

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What are Your Passengers Rights with Wizz Air?

EU 261 protects your rights, regardless of the airline that you’re traveling on, as long as you’re in the European Union or meet other qualifying circumstances. Depending on the circumstances of your delay or cancellation, you have the right to a refund, rerouting, and care, including meals, accommodation, and more.

Flight Delay Compensation

When your flight is delayed more than two hours, you are entitled to basic care, including meals, refreshments, hotel accommodation and transportation (where applicable), and access to communication. If your delay is three hours or more, you can also request reimbursement and transportation to your point of origin.

You are also entitled to compensation, which can be paid as a non-fundable transportation voucher or refundable voucher.

  • Flights up to 1,500 km: €250
  • Flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km: €400
  • Flights over 3,500 km: €600
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Flight Cancellation Compensation

You may be entitled to additional compensation if you were notified of the cancellation less than two weeks before the departure and your new arrival and departure times are significantly different than your original times.

You’ll need to contact customer service to receive your compensation, which can be issued as non-refundable or refundable vouchers.

  • Flights up to 1,500 km: €250
  • Flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km: €400
  • Flights over 3,500 km: €600

The amount may vary based on the type of compensation you request, and you might get a better value when you choose their transportation credit.

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What to Do in Case of Delays or Cancellations?

Unfortunately, cancelation and delays happen. Here’s all you need to know.


  • If your flight is delayed, take note of your original departure time, the date of which you were notified, and any other information that is relevant.
  • If your delay is two hours or more and you’re already at the airport, you are entitled to care. Work with customer service to receive meals, refreshments, accommodation, transportation, communication, and more, though what you are entitled to will depend on the length of your delay.
  • After you get to your final destination, contact customer service to receive additional compensation. Depending on the length of your flight and the destination, you could be eligible for up to €600 in compensation.


  • If your flight is canceled, take note of your original flight, the date you were notified, and any other information that could be helpful.
  • If your cancelation occurred before you arrived at the airport, work with customer service to rebook your flight or rebook it yourself.
  • If your flight was canceled while at the airport, work with customer service to help get you on the next available flight. If you are entitled to care, they should offer it to you at this point.
  • Following your flight, contact customer service for additional compensation, providing all documentation. You could receive up to €600 in compensation.

Wizz Air Refund Policy

Air travel can be stressful and when there are lengthy delays or cancellations, it’s even worse. You can request a refund from Wizz Air when it is their fault if you no longer need the fare. They may give you a full or partial refund depending on the details of your trip.

You can also claim compensation under EC 261 for up to €600. This helps compensate you for your inconvenience, as well as hold their airlines accountable for things that could have been avoided. You are eligible to claim both, though the amount of which you will receive depends on several factors.

Recently Disrupted Wizz Air Flights

Date Airline (Flight number) Route Status Your compensation

About Wizz Air

Wizz Air is part of the Wizz Air Group, which includes Wizz Air, Wizz Air Bulgaria, and Wizz Air Ukraine. It’s a Hungarian-based low-cost carrier that’s dedicated to getting passengers on their way for a fraction of the cost. They are focused on no-frills travel, so if you’re looking for a cheap, utilitarian flight, you may want to check it out.

They have more than 150 aircrafts that serve more than 150 destinations across 44 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. They have bases in Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and London Luton Airport, among others.

Wizz Air Flight Disruption Statistics

Year All Disrupted Flights Cancelled Flights Delayed Flights


Claiming compensation under EC 261 after a Wizz Air delay or cancelation doesn’t have to be difficult. What’s most important is that you understand your rights and know what you’re entitled to. That will help you file a claim with Wizz and get what you deserve – which in some cases is up to €600. This page was updated in 2023.

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