The reason many people fly Wizz Air is for their affordable prices, so you don’t want to be slapped with surprise fees when it comes to your luggage. Wizz Air allows for three different types of baggage on their planes (carry-on, trolley bag, and checked luggage), and here’s all you need to know to navigate your free allotment and maximize the rest of your luggage to minimize fees.

Baggage Allowance Overview

There are three types of bags that are allowed when you travel with Wizz Air, and depending on which one(s) you bring, you may be charged a fee. Here are the basics of each bag.

Carry-on Bag

Carry-on bags are free as long as they fit the following criteria.

  • 40 x 30 x 20 cm
  • Maximum 10 kg

Keep in mind that your carry-on bag must fit under the seat in front of you. It cannot be stowed in the overhead container. Examples of carry-on bags are laptop bags, purses, or small backpacks. As long as the bag fits under the seat in front of you, your carry-on bag will be free.

Some passengers get confused because other airlines call this a personal item instead of a carry-on bag. These are the same thing. Wizz Air simply prefers the term carry-on bag.

Trolley Bag

Trolley bags could be free, depending on the fare you purchased. They must fit the following criteria to be allowed onboard.

  • 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • Maximum 10 kg

This item can or cannot have wheels, and it must fit in the overhead container. Trolley bags are free for passengers who purchased Wizz Priority, which also includes priority check-in and boarding to make your travel experience easier.

This is another case where Wizz Air’s terminology may confuse people. Other airlines may call this a carry-on bag, which is why passengers may think it is free when it is really not. Make sure to check the dimensions and the weight prior to going to the airport to ensure it meets the correct standards lest you be charged a fee.

Checked-in Bag

Wizz Air also allows passengers to check bags for a fee. The size doesn’t change, but the different weight thresholds will determine how much you pay.

  • 149 x 119 x 171 cm
  • Maximum 10 kg, 20 kg, 26 kg, or 32 kg

If your bag exceeds the size or weight limits, you will be subject to additional fees. You are allowed up to six checked bags per passenger, but you can only purchase three bags in advance for a discount. The remaining three must be purchased at their airport at full price.

Important Note on Size

Wizz Air does not include the bag handles and the wheels when it calculates maximum size. However, the wheels themselves should not add more than 5 cm to the overall size of the bag. If it does, it may no longer be considered a carry-on or trolley bag, and it may be subject to additional fees.

Wizz Air staff may ask you to slot your bag in a container to ensure it fits prior to getting on board. This is partially to maximize the fees they can charge and partly to ensure the boarding process is as smooth as possible.

Wizz Priority and Increased Luggage Allowance

Wizz Air offers a priority add-on, which allows for passengers priority check-in, boarding, an additional trolley bag free of charge, and your personal item. All of these are intended to make the travel experience smoother when you are flying with Wizz Air.

The trolley bag included in the fee must weigh no more than 10 kg and be no larger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm. It must fit into the overhead container in the plane. This is in addition to the free carry-on bag. If your items exceed the maximum dimensions or weight, you will be subject to additional fees.

Another cool feature about Wizz Priority is that it guarantees your trolley bag and carry-on items will be on the plane. They will not be checked at the last minute due to a lack of space unless there are operational restrictions that require the bags to be checked.

What Else Can I Take on Board?

In addition to your carry-on item and trolley bag (if applicable), you can also take a few items on board free of charge to help make your travel experience more comfortable. These include:

  • One coat or blanket
  • Crutches if you are physically disabled
  • Mobile phone, tablet, or other technology
  • Reading material like books or magazines

These items must be kept with you at all times, with the exception of crutches and any large baby items.

Traveling with Small Children

Wizz Air offers additional luggage allowances if you are traveling with small children. You get one extra personal item, a maximum of 40 x 30 x 20 cm. Additionally, you can get free priority boarding for up to two adults and all children.

You can also bring small comforts for your baby at no additional charge, including a collapsible travel stroller or a small foldable travel cot. These will be taken at the airplane doors and made available once you arrive at the final destination.

Keep in mind you are also allowed to bring breast milk or formula, though you may be subject to additional screening as you go through airport security. You do not have to keep to the liquid allowance in this case, so make sure that you let security know you are traveling with this before you go through the scanner.

You can also take a car seat on board with you for free, but only if you purchase an additional seat for it to rest on. Wizz Air’s customer service team can help with any questions you may have about traveling with children.

How Much Does Additional Baggage Cost?

The fees you’ll pay to check a bag with Wizz Air will vary depending on the date of your travel, your method of payment (online, via the Wizz Air call center, or at the airport), and the weight of your checked bag.

Peak Season

Here’s what you will pay during the peak season, which typically is over the easter holidays, summer months, and weeks surrounding Christmas. These are the most popular times for travel, so passengers will pay a premium for their bags.

  • Maximum 10 kg ( and Wizz Air Call Center): €6 to €71.50
  • Maximum 20 kg ( and Wizz Air Call Center): €9 to €95
  • Maximum 26 kg ( and Wizz Air Call Center): €13 to €107
  • Maximum 32 kg ( and Wizz AIr Call Center): €20-€130

Low Season

Low season is everything else, though exact peak dates vary from year to year, so you’ll want to verify it hasn’t changed before you book. This isn’t as popular as a time to travel, so you’ll get your checked bags for slightly cheaper.

  • Maximum 10 kg ( and Wizz Air Call Center): €5 to €59
  • Maximum 20 kg ( and Wizz Air Call Center): €8 to €79; Airport: €60
  • Maximum 26 kg ( and Wizz Air Call Center): €12 to €90; Airport: €90
  • Maximum 32 kg ( and Wizz Air Call Center): €19-€111.50; Airport: €120

You will also pay an additional €13 per kilo per item for baggage that is overweight. If you plan on bringing sports equipment, you will pay €45 online and via the call center or €65 at the airport. Make sure that you call them and let them know you plan on bringing on oversized items to ensure there will be space on the plane.

While you can pre-purchase luggage online or via the call center at a slight discount, Wizz Air staff will measure and weigh your bags to ensure they fit within the baggage allowance. All oversized luggage is subject to a fee.

If you have questions about how much your luggage will cost, you can always contact their customer service team.

How Do I Purchase Extra Baggage?

If you need additional baggage, you have three options on how you can do it. Each will cost a different fee and is subject to maximums. You can purchase them during the booking process, after as an add-on to your reservation, or at the airport. The airport will be the most expensive fee, but if you plan on bringing more than three bags, you will need to purchase the remaining bags up to three at the airport.

You can purchase luggage online when you log into your account or via the app. Simply navigate to your booking, and you will be directed to the various add-ons that are available for your reservation. You can add a checked bag to your reservation up to three hours before your scheduled departure. Any time after, you will need to purchase the additional baggage at the airport.

Are There Restrictions on What I Can Bring?

Wizz Air has restrictions on what you can bring, both in your checked and carry-on luggage or trolley bags.

For carry-on and trolley bags, you need to adhere to the liquid restrictions (one-quart bag with items of no more than 3oz). The only exclusion is if you are a nursing mother, travelling with a baby, or have medical needs. You are also not allowed to bring weapons, illegal substances, flammable substances, radioactive materials, condensed gas, poisons, corrosives, and more.

Basically, any items that could cause damage to others’ safety, as well as anything that is considered dangerous goods by regulating parties. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot bring, you can always contact the Wizz Air customer service team. They can help you determine how to pack the items you need.

Remember, all bags are subject to screening, and Wizz Air is not liable for items that are damaged or confiscated during the security process. It is recommended that you not pack valuable items in a checked bag so that you can avoid any issues.

Are Service Pets Allowed on Wizz Air?

Service animals are the only animals allowed on Wizz Air. If you plan on traveling with a service animal, you need to contact Wizz Air and provide the proper documentation. Only registered service animals are allowed. At this time, emotional support animals do not qualify.

Service animals must sit at your feet during the duration of the flight and not relieve themselves. It cannot block the aisle, and in some cases, you may need to purchase an additional seat to ensure your service animal has enough room.

Remember to check to ensure your dog is up to date on its vaccinations, both from your country of origin and your destination. If your service animal does not comply with local regulations, it may be denied access to the country.

What if My Bag is Lost or Damaged While Flying on Wizz Air?

Sometimes, luggage may be lost or damaged during transit, and if that’s the case, you will need to file a claim directly with the airline. If the bag is not located within 21 days, Wizz Air is liable for the loss, as long as it was properly documented. If the passenger mislabeled the bag, Wizz Air is not at fault.

You will need to provide a detailed list of the items in the bag, as well as the anticipated value. Wizz Air will likely only reimburse you up to a certain threshold, so keep that in mind as you pack your bags. Expensive and valuable items should be left at home unless absolutely necessary.


Wizz Air allows passengers to bring a carry-on item with them on board free of charge. Trolley bags must be purchased as part of Wizz Priority, while additional checked bags are available for purchase. Depending on when the flight is and how big and heavy the bag is, you could pay up to €130 per bag per passenger. Additional fees and limitations may apply.


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