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Democracy in the flight compensation market

Democracy in the flight compensation market

We strive to educate and inform passengers about their rights when faced with flight disruptions. Our blog provides comprehensive resources to help individuals navigate the often-complicated process of filing for compensation. We believe in creating a level playing field in the flight compensation market, where everyone can access the information they need to fight for their rights and obtain the compensation they deserve.

We have various tools and resources to make claiming compensation for disrupted flights easier. For example, our website features a flight compensation calculator, a claim eligibility checker, and a free template for writing a compensation claim letter. These tools are designed to simplify the claims process and help air passengers fight for their rights under the UK261 regulation.

All tools and resources in one place

All tools and resources in one place

We understand that air passengers usually prefer to use the services of compensation companies to help them with their claims. That’s why we also provide unbiased reviews of major flight compensation companies, scoring based on specific criteria. We aim to promote transparency and fairness in the flight compensation market by providing this information.

Our reviews are designed to help air passengers make informed decisions about which compensation company to work with and ensure that they know the company’s track record and reputation. We believe in promoting democracy in the flight compensation market by giving air passengers the information they need to make their best choices.

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