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1508, 2022

How Do Flights Get Overbooked?

Overbooking flights is a common phrase that we hear. Many passengers encounter unprecedented delays due to this practice of airlines and often end up being stranded. Some people travel with families and kids, while others need to attend important work conferences, job interviews, or take an exam in a different country. The carelessness of airlines can not only cost you time, money, and energy, but you may also end up missing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Additionally, booking another flight, finding a seat, and paying extra money on top of the hassle you face as a passenger can be highly agitating. If you [...]

1406, 2022

How Do You Know If A Flight Is Overbooked?

Overbooked or oversold flights have become a common occurrence, especially for frequent fliers. If you are travelling during the holiday or peak tourism season, you should look for overbooked flights. Airlines often oversell the flights during these times as the ticket prices are at an all-time high, and letting even one seat go vacant on a plane can mean a loss for the airline. To avoid this, airlines oversell the flights considering some passengers will inevitably not show up at the last minute. This often holds true as despite having confirmed bookings, some passengers are a no-show for a number [...]

906, 2022

Can Airlines Overbook Flights?

An overbooked flight is every traveller's nightmare. When you reach the airport and rush through customs and immigration, eager to board your plane, all of a sudden, the gate attendant tells you the flight is overbooked, and you will have to stay back. But why does that happen? Simply put, airlines overbook flights when they suspect several passengers are not going to show up, and instead of flying the plane with vacant seats, they oversell the flight to ensure all the seats are occupied. But how can they refuse entry to a passenger who holds a valid ticket? Under European [...]

406, 2022

Who Gets Bumped When A Flight Is Overbooked?

Overbooked flight is a common term we get to hear. While air travel is stressful enough, worrying about getting bumped because of an overbooked flight is an additional bother. Airlines practice overbooking to avoid losing the revenue generated per seat. If, due to any reason, a passenger is unable to show up for the booked flight, the seat will remain empty, and the airline will have to compensate for the loss. When multiple seats are empty, the loss may amount to thousands of Euros per flight. To avoid such mishaps, airlines calculate how many seats go empty per flight and [...]

3005, 2022

Is Overbooking Flights Legal?

Overbooking flights is a common practice among airlines. Depending on the previous data, the airline makes calculations on how many seats per flight are going vacant. Each empty seat on a flight incurs a loss to the airline, and when combined, it may amount to a lot of money lost overall. In order to avoid this loss, an airline is overbooked. If you are wondering how an airline knows the number of seats that might go empty per flight, there is a straightforward way to calculate that. Airlines have data on how many seats are empty per flight on a [...]

2505, 2022

Are All Flights Overbooked?

Air travel can be a stressful experience for many people. From the pushing and shoving at baggage claim, the indifferent attitude of the immigration officers to the pressure of boarding on time, motion-sickness, and the fear of turbulence, your entire journey can be spent in a state of anxiety. The one thing you definitely can do without is getting bumped due to overbooking. Overbooking of flights is a common policy practiced by different airlines. By overbooking flights, airlines ensure the maximum number of people are present within each flight. This is done to avoid loss of revenue incurred due to [...]

1505, 2022

Are Flights Being Cancelled Due to COVID-19?

Airlines have been canceling many flights as the new variant of COVID-19 has once again started to spread rapidly. The transmission carriers have delayed or cancelled many flights to cease or reduce this year. These cancellations indicate that there will be many more cancellations due to COVID-19. There might even be a complete lockdown resulting in ceased flight operations. Read till the end to know how the spread of COVID-19 has affected air travel and your right as a passenger if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19. What Are the Policies While Traveling Through Flight During COVID-19 [...]

1005, 2022

Why Are So Many Flights Being Cancelled?

Millions of people decided to travel to their homes through airplanes this holiday season, but not all could make it as several flights got cancelled. Around 8000 flights got cancelled by January alone in Europe. Approximately 7,519 flight cancellations occurred in a day worldwide in the holiday season. Why is this happening? The reasons for cancellation are many, including the rapid spread of the Omicron virus, extremely cold weather, etc. Read along to know many other reasons. Winter Storms It is not safe for the passengers and the crew in the aircraft to fly during the winter storms as strong [...]

505, 2022

How to Deal With a Flight Cancellation?

Flight cancellations are common and often inevitable. So, if you're a regular traveler, there's almost no way you can avoid it. Everybody hates delays and cancellations, and you often can't avoid them. But you still have a choice on how to react to the situation. Either you can be angry and frustrated, or you can remain calm and think about making the best of a flight cancellation. This article will discuss the things you need to do when your flight is cancelled. Don't Panic Don't panic. The first tip is not to lose your cool in the face of a [...]

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