One helpful piece of information that the customer would want to know is just how much they will be receiving in compensation upon completion of the claim. This is the amount of money they will receive which is calculated by finding out how much the customer would get back from the airline.

In order to use our flight compensation calculator,  you have to put in the airport you were supposed to depart from, followed by the airport they were scheduled to land in. This calculates the length of the flight and the amount that the customer could then receive from the airline. Feel free to test our flight compensation calculator yourself.


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In seeing the companies side by side, the customer can compare not only how much money they would end up getting returned to them after the company’s fees are paid, but also their turn around time, as well as what the actual fee will be including taxes. Our flight compensation calculator is a helpful tool to the frustrated customer because it helps them see each company’s value all in one place so they can make an easier decision when trying to get back the money they rightfully deserve.

While the exact amounts of compensation will differ from company to company and the circumstances of your delay, below you can find the approximate amounts you can expect. If the flight distance is under 1500 kilometers, then you are entitled to €250. If the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500 kilometers, then you are entitled to €400. For the flights that are over 3500 kilometers then you are entitled to €600.

After the customer has used the flight calculator to estimate how much they will receive after the claim is fought and won, they can use our recommended best flight compensation companies list to choose which company they want to use. The calculator only provides simple details like the distance, compensation amount, fees and turn around time, while in our recommended companies list, we have compiled many other facts that are important to the customer such as languages the company speaks, what country the company is from, what countries the company operates in, and many other facts that a customer trying to get their rightful compensation would find useful.


Know your rights


Experiencing a delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight is extremely frustrating. Not only do you now get to spend more time in those luxurious airport seats while you wait for your next flight, but you can potentially miss connecting flights, miss the important events you were headed to, or miss out on your well earned vacation time. Thankfully in 2004, the European Union passed ruling 261/2004 in February of 2004 that now allows passengers who have experienced either a delay of more than three hours, a cancellation, or not being able to board due to an overbooked flight to fight the airline companies for compensation for these flights.

Since this ruling, many lawyers specializing in travel law were inspired to start flight compensation companies that fight on behalf of these travelers to get them the compensation they deserve. While these companies are very helpful to their clients in fighting on behalf of them, it is still helpful for the clients to know what they are getting into before using a certain company.