Flight delays and cancellations happen all the time for a variety of reasons, but travellers on Wizz Air may have noticed a recent uptick, causing major disruptions in their travel plans. Here’s why.

Engine Inspections and Wizz Air

In August 2023, Wizz Air announced a number of flight cancellations, leaving many passengers wondering what was wrong and if they would be able to get to their destination. Wizz Air was simply conducting engine inspections, which were mandated by the aerospace company Pratt & Whitney.

Unfortunately for passengers, that meant their travel plans were derailed. As a result, the Wizz Air was allowing customers to book alternative flights free of charge, full refunds, or 120% of a refund in the form of an airline credit. If they booked through third parties, they needed to work with the agency for assistance.

Can Passengers Claim EC 261?

Because these were issues within the airline’s control, passengers could theoretically file for compensation under EC 261. However, because the airline is offering its own resolution, it’s likely there’s a clause that prohibits you from filing a claim upon acceptance.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still file a claim with the Wizz Air customer service team. Gather all your communication and submit it. They will review the documentation carefully to see if you are entitled to additional compensation under EC 261.


Wizz Air was cancelling flights to inspect its engines; however, this caused a ripple effect on its passengers. They were offered new flights, refunds, or travel credits to make up for this inconvenience.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted Wizz Air flights.

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