If your Wizz Air flight is cancelled or delayed, you may have rights under EC 261. This European regulation helps hold airlines accountable for avoidable issues, but you won’t get it unless you file a claim. Here’s all you need to know to file your claim and get compensation from Wizz Air

Filing your Wizz Air Claim

There are a few steps you need to take to file your claim under EC 261. If you file improperly, Wizz Air may reject your claim, so it’s important to be detail-oriented.

  1. Check claim eligibility

Unsure if your flight qualifies? You’ll want to use this tool to check your eligibility. All you need to do is enter a few pieces of information, including where you were flying from and to, what airline, the type of flight issue, and if a reason was given. The form will let you know if you’re eligible and how much you could potentially receive.

  1. Gather your documents

You want to make sure to save all communication about your flight in one place. This includes your original confirmation, boarding pass (if applicable), communications about the delay, pictures of the board at the airport, and more. Anything that you have that proves the flight was impacted through no fault of your own, make sure you have it as a reference.

  1. Fill EC261 compensation claim form

Now that you know you’re eligible and have all your documentation ready, you will need to fill out a form online or download the PDF to enter your information. This is the official form you need to file in order to get compensated, so make sure that all the information is correct.

  1. File your claim

There are two different ways that you can file your claim. You can file with Wizz Air directly or use a flight compensation company. While flight compensation companies take a small fee, they handle all the logistics of making sure you get compensated for your flight issue.

  1. Track your claim

Once you file a claim, you will receive a unique ID that can be used to reference your claim. Wizz Air can take up to 30 days to respond, so if you don’t hear from them right away, don’t worry. If you don’t hear a response after 30 days, you can contact customer service.

If you worked with a specialized company, you can check the status with them directly.

6: File an appeal

While Wizz Air is obligated to pay out under EC 261, that doesn’t mean they always want to, especially because it impacts their bottom line. If your claim is rejected, you can always appeal it and file another claim with additional documentation.

You can also partner with a flight compensation company to increase your odds of being successful. These professionals know the law intimately and can help you get the settlement you deserve. Just keep in mind that they will often take a percentage of your winnings as a fee for their assistance. In most cases, you only pay if you win.

How Do I Know if I am Eligible for Compensation?

Under EC 261, the flight issue must be within the airline’s control, so if your flight was delayed or cancelled due to weather, you would not be eligible. However, if there are issues with the airline, including scheduling errors, staffing problems, and more, you can claim.

  • Delays: Your arrival time was at least 3 hours or more late
  • Cancellations: Your flight was cancelled 14 days or less before your departure date
  • Denied Boarding: You were involuntarily denied boarding because the flight was overbooked.

The amount of which you can claim depends on the length of your flight, as well as its destination.  You could receive up to €600 for your troubles, in addition to getting a refund or rebooking directly from the airline, so it’s worth filing a claim with Wizz Air.


It is easy to file a claim with Wizz Air to receive compensation under EC 261. This powerful law strives to hold airlines accountable to stay on schedule, but you need to file a claim in order to get it. You will not be automatically awarded your compensation, and you can always partner with a flight compensation company if you have questions on how to file.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted Wizz Air flights.

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