2701, 2024

Can Airport Scanners See Inside Your Body?

Airport scanners can feel invasive - after all, it’s almost like they’re looking inside you to make sure you’re not hiding anything. But can airport body scanners really see inside you? No. They can’t see inside you per se, but they can penetrate your clothing to show if there are any potential threats on your body. Here’s all you need to know about airport scanners. Key Takeaways Airport body scanners are designed to detect potential threats on a person's body and cannot see inside their body or organs. The most recent models of airport body scanners have such [...]

2001, 2024

Can You Spend the Night at the Airport?

The airport has a lot to offer passengers. After all, they spend a lot of time there between flights, waiting to get to their final destination. Whether you have a long layover or simply want to catch some sleep while you wait to be able to check into your hotel, you may be wondering if you can spend the night at an airport. It depends on the amenities and the airport operating hours if you can sleep there, so here’s all you need to know. Key Takeaways Depending on the airport and its operating hours, it is possible [...]

1301, 2024

How Close Can a Drone Fly to an Airport?

It can be comforting to sit and watch airplanes come and go at the airport, and some people like to watch them to pass the time. You can get an even cooler view from a drone, but there are restrictions that vary from country to country. Flying too close to their airport could disrupt the operations while flying too far away doesn’t really add value to the watch party. So how close can a drone fly to an airport? And are there other rules in place that you need to follow to safely operate your drone near an [...]

601, 2024

How Can I Get a Wheelchair at the Airport?

Travelling when you need special accommodations can be stressful, but as long as you work with the airline in advance, you should be able to get the support you need while you’re moving through the airport. This includes getting a wheelchair to help you get to your gate, though there are some restrictions on wheelchair use at the airport. Here’s all you need to know about how to get a wheelchair at the airport. Key Takeaways To ensure that you receive the necessary support at the airport, it's important to request accommodations in advance, preferably at least 24 [...]

3012, 2023

How Can I Access Airport Lounges?

Airport lounges have a lot of perks to them, so if you’re a frequent traveller, you may be wondering how to get access to them. Once upon a time, they were only for the elite. Now, almost everyone can get access to them if you know how! Here’s everything you need to know about getting access to airport lounges so you can take advantage of the free food, drink, and more while you wait. There are different ways to get access, so hopefully, one will work for you. Key Takeaways You can pay for access to airport lounges [...]

2312, 2023

How Much Money Can You Take to the Airport?

Having cash on hand when you’re travelling can provide peace of mind. After all, what happens if your debit card doesn’t work? Or you lose your wallet? Cash can always be converted, so it’s a good practice to carry local currency and your own currency, just in case. You may be wondering how much money you can take to the airport. There are no limits to how much money you can take with you as long as you’re comfortable; however, if you are travelling with more than $10,000 during an international flight, you may need to fill out [...]

2012, 2023

EC261 vs UK261 Comparison: What’s The Difference?

As travel becomes increasingly global, understanding your rights as a passenger is crucial. If you're regularly jet-setting between the UK and the EU, you might wonder what the differences are between the EC261 and UK261 regulations. In this guide, we’ll dissect these two crucial regulations, highlighting their key differences and what they mean for you as an air traveller. Check Your Compensation   EC261 vs UK261 - What is The Difference? EC261 is short for European Commission Regulation No. 261/2004, also called EU261. EC261 is the original set of regulations developed by the EU to protect airline [...]

1612, 2023

How Early Can I Go Through Security at Airport?

Security lines can be unpredictable. No matter how well you plan, you can never really predict how long it’s going to take you to get through them. It feels like the days you plan the extra time that you breeze through and end up with a lot of time at the airport. On the times you’re cutting it close, the lines take forever. There’s no winning when it comes to airport security lines, though you can hedge your bets by participating in programs like Global Entry, TSA Precheck, and CLEAR, depending on where you’re travelling. If you’re not [...]

912, 2023

How Early Can You Check Bags at Airport?

If you’re excited to go on your journey, you just want to get to the airport and get going! Unfortunately, you can’t check in and check your bags too early. After all, the airline has a lot of flights and passengers to deal with. These time restrictions are in place to help control the lines and make sure your travels with them are as smooth as possible. So, how early can you check your bags at the airport? It depends on the airline, the type of your flight, and other factors. However, typically, you will be able to [...]

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