Updated on May 16, 2024.
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The airport has a lot to offer passengers. After all, they spend a lot of time there between flights, waiting to get to their final destination. Whether you have a long layover or simply want to catch some sleep while you wait to be able to check into your hotel, you may be wondering if you can spend the night at an airport. It depends on the amenities and the airport operating hours if you can sleep there, so here’s all you need to know.

Key Takeaways

  • Depending on the airport and its operating hours, it is possible to spend the night at an airport in various ways, including at an airport hotel, in sleep pods, or in quiet spaces such as at a gate.
  • It’s important to check ahead of time if an airport allows sleeping, as not all airports are lenient about it, and some may have restrictions or set operating hours that require passengers to leave the premises at certain times.
  • Before deciding to spend the night at an airport, consider factors such as the length of your layover, the cost and availability of accommodation options, and the level of comfort and convenience you’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of convenience and cost savings.

Airport Hotel

Many airports have a hotel attached to it or nearby, so if you’re looking to spend the night at the airport and get a decent night’s sleep, you may want to start there. It’s a basic room, but it will help you disconnect and get some sleep. Now, there is a cost associated with this unless you are facing a long delay or cancellation and the airline is comping your stay. However, if you have the money to invest, it’s an option to spend the night at the airport without being bothered.

Airport Pods

Many airports are rolling out on-site sleep pods, which are soundproof sleeping units that you can rent for a certain amount of time. These are cleaned between guests just as a hotel would be, but they only include an enclosed bed. You do not have any other amenities that you would expect of a full hotel room.

Keep in mind that not all airports have these available, so make sure to do your research prior to travelling. If you need to spend the night in the airport, it’s a great way to give you peace without the worry of leaving the premises and having to go back through security.

Quiet Spaces

If you want to save money or there are no other options available, you can always try to sleep at your gate or locate a quiet space to catch some sleep. This is the most common way to spend the night at the airport. It may not be the most restful option, but it is one that will work in a pinch.

Just know if you nod off without setting the alarm, you may miss your flight. Someone may try to wake you if you’re asleep at your gate, but if you’re at another, no one will know you’re supposed to be leaving.

What To Keep In Mind When Sleeping At The Airport?

Can You Spend the Night at the Airport

Not all airports allow sleeping, so it’s important to understand their restrictions prior to travelling. Smaller airports may have set operating hours, so you need to leave the premises when they close for the night.

Other airports may be more lenient, but you’ll need to be respectful of those around you as you sleep. It’s a public place, so you can’t get upset if you keep getting woken up by noise if you’re sleeping at the gate.

Consider how long your layover is. If you’re looking for a quick cat nap, then spending the night at the airport may be your best option. If it’s a little longer, while you often can spend the night at the airport, you may not want to.

Before you make plans, check the airline’s website. Call them to see if there are operating hours. You can verify if they are a continual operation or if they close because if they close, you will not be able to spend the night. If they stay open, then the choice is up to you. It won’t be the most comfortable or exclusive night’s stay, but it will get the job done in many places!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it allowed to sleep at an airport overnight?

It depends on the airport and its policies. For example, some airports have designated quiet areas or sleep pods for passengers to rest. In contrast, others may have restrictions or set operating hours that require passengers to leave the premises at certain times.

  • Can I sleep at my gate while waiting for my flight?

It’s possible, but there may be more comfortable options. For example, some airports may have comfortable seating or designated rest areas, while others may not have suitable sleeping areas.

  • Are there any alternatives to sleeping at the airport?

Yes, if you’re willing to pay for accommodation, many airports have on-site hotels or nearby hotels that offer shuttle services. However, sleeping at the airport may be the most convenient option if you’re on a tight budget.

  • What should I keep in mind when sleeping at an airport?

It’s important to check ahead of time if an airport allows sleeping and any restrictions or operating hours. It would help if you also considered your comfort level and layover length before deciding to sleep at the airport.

  • Is it safe to sleep at an airport?

Most airports have security measures in place to ensure the safety of passengers. However, keeping your belongings close and being aware of your surroundings is always a good idea. If you’re uncomfortable or feel unsafe, consider finding an alternative option for accommodation.

  • Can I leave the airport during a layover and come back to sleep later?

It depends on the airport and your itinerary. It may be possible if you have a long layover and enough time to leave and come back through security. However, it’s not recommended if you have a short layover or a tight schedule, as it may add additional stress and risk missing your flight.