212, 2023

How Long Can You Stay in Airport After Arrival?

After a long flight, you’ve landed at your final destination. That’s great! But what if your hotel isn’t ready, or the rest of your party arrives later, and you don’t want to leave the airport? What are your options? How long can you stay in an airport after arrival? There are no hard or fast rules on how long you can stay in an airport, so it really depends on the airport and your next steps. It’s always best to check on these requirements prior to travel. Key Takeaways Understand that there are no universal rules for how [...]

2511, 2023

How Far Can You Accompany Someone in the Airport?

Gone are the days when you could walk with someone to their gate and leave them with a kiss. This hasn’t been the case for decades now, especially after increased security measures following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Now, you can’t really go that far when you drop off a loved one at the airport unless you have a ticket. Here’s what to expect when you are dropping off someone at the airport, including how far you can go. Key Takeaways Due to increased security measures, you can only accompany someone to the security checkpoint when [...]

1811, 2023

How Long Can Customs Detain You at the Airport?

Despite doing all you can to make your travels as seamless as possible, sometimes you may be detained by customs at the airport. This could be because your documentation is correct or they found prohibited items in your bag. Whatever the reason is, you may be wondering how long customs can detain you while at the airport. Your rights may vary from country to country, and it could be anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. In some cases, it could even be up to 48 hours! If you have not been picked up after 48 hours, [...]

1111, 2023

How to Check in at Airport?

With airline apps, it’s really easy to check in directly from your phone prior to your flight. However, sometimes, you may want to check in at the airport. Perhaps there’s an issue with your seat, or you’re looking for an upgrade. Maybe the app is down, or it won’t let you check-in. Whatever the case may be, even with all the modern mobile conveniences, you can still check in at the airport. It’s quick and easy, as long as there are no lines, and here’s all you need to know. Key Takeaways To avoid any potential issues or [...]

611, 2023

How Much Safer Is Flying Than Driving?

A fear of flying is very common. After all, you’re thousands of feet above the ground, so if there’s an issue, it’s almost certain death. However, statistically, flying is the safest way to travel, especially when you compare it with other methods of transportation. So, how much safer is flying than driving? Let’s discuss. Key Takeaways The data clearly demonstrates that flying is statistically much safer than driving, with significantly fewer fatal accidents per passenger mile. Driving carries a higher risk due to the constant need for human attention and the potential for errors such as driving under [...]

411, 2023

Can You Sleep in an Airport?

If your flight was delayed or cancelled, you may be curious if you can sleep in the airport or if you need to get a hotel room. It really depends on the airport as some airports close at night rather than being a continuous operation. In those cases, you cannot sleep in the airport. If it is open all the time, you can sleep in the airport, though there may be some restrictions. Here’s all you need to know about sleeping in an airport. Key Takeaways Sleeping in an airport depends on the specific airport's hours of operation [...]

211, 2023

Do Delayed Flights Ever Leave Early?

Delays happen when you’re flying for any number of reasons, including ones that are within the airline’s control and those that are due to extraordinary circumstances. If you’re faced with a delay, you may be given a new estimated departure time, but what happens if the conditions clear up? Could your delayed flight leave early? The answers to that and more are below. Key Takeaways Flight delays can be unpredictable, and in some cases, flights may depart earlier than initially expected. It's wise to stay close to the airport if you're facing a delay to ensure you don't [...]

2910, 2023

Does An Airline Have To Prove Extraordinary Circumstances?

Flight disruptions can cause a ripple effect, not just in personal plans but in airports across the world. That’s why EC 261 is in place. It holds airlines accountable for avoidable delays and cancellations, making them pay out when they are at fault. But what if they aren’t at fault? Here’s everything you need to know about extraordinary circumstances and if an airline has to prove them. Key Takeaways Airlines are required to prove that extraordinary circumstances beyond their control caused flight disruptions. They can't simply claim it without evidence, emphasizing the importance of accountability. Passengers also bear [...]

2810, 2023

What is Clear at the Airport?

If you’re a frequent traveller, you’re likely always looking for ways to save time and reduce headaches while at the airport. One of the most common frustrations is airport security. There’s long lines, and other passengers never seem to know what to do. It’s always such a hassle that there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do to bypass the system, especially when you’re running late for your flight. If that sounds familiar, you may want to check out CLEAR. It’s different from TSA Precheck or Global Entry and completely changes how you pass through the airport, helping you get [...]

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