Updated on May 16, 2024.
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Airport lounges have a lot of perks to them, so if you’re a frequent traveller, you may be wondering how to get access to them. Once upon a time, they were only for the elite. Now, almost everyone can get access to them if you know how! Here’s everything you need to know about getting access to airport lounges so you can take advantage of the free food, drink, and more while you wait. There are different ways to get access, so hopefully, one will work for you.

Key Takeaways

  • You can pay for access to airport lounges even if you’re not a frequent traveler. This is a great option if you’re only flying once in a while and want to take advantage of the perks of lounges like free food and drinks, comfy seating, and faster Wi-Fi.
  • Joining an airline rewards program can help you gain access to airport lounges. As you reach higher status tiers within the program, you may be granted access to more exclusive lounges with unique perks.
  • Many credit cards offer access to airport lounges as a benefit. Check your credit card’s annual perks to see if you qualify for lounge access without having to pay extra.
  • There are different types of airport lounges, and the rules and amenities can vary. Do your research to find out which lounges you have access to and what you can expect once you’re there.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many airport lounges have implemented new restrictions and protocols. Make sure to check for any requirements or restrictions before trying to access a lounge.

Pay For Access

If you’re not a frequent traveller, many airport lounges will allow you to purchase a pass to enter. You’ll still get to partake in the free meals, comfy sets, faster wifi, and more with this pass. Airport lounges provide a quiet space for you to relax as you wait for your flight, so it may be worth it to invest for the day.

Keep in mind that some lounges may not participate in this one-day lounge pass, or the lounge could be at capacity, so be sure to ask the employee or do your own research before trying to gain entry. You could also purchase an annual membership if you end up travelling more throughout the year, but the one-day pass can help you experience the perks firsthand.

Gain Elite Status

When you join your airline’s rewards program, you get a lot of different perks. Once you reach a certain status, not only do you get miles, but you also get access to their airport lounges. The higher you are, the more exclusive the club you can join. It will come with unique perks to that lounge, so it’s worth it to centralize your travel as much as possible to try to gain elite status with that airline.

Once you do, you’ll be notified of the perks that are available to you. Some airport lounges allow you to bring a guest, so you’ll be able to share the love with at least one travel companion during your trip if they don’t also have access.

As A Guest

Many airport lounges, especially the elite ones, allow members to bring a guest. Sometimes this will be free, while other times you may have to pay a small fee. Either way, this is a great way to get access to the best airport lounges without having to be a member. Just make sure that you follow the rules and be respectful. If you get in trouble, you could risk your friend or spouse’s status in the lounge.

Check Your Credit Card Perks

Some credit cards offer you access to exclusive airport lounges simply because you have a credit card with them, so make sure to check your annual benefits. Many that carry an annual fee come with access to a lounge, as well as credits for many travel amenities, including CLEAR, TSA Precheck, and Global Entry.

Are Airport Lounges Worth It?

How Can I Access Airport Lounges

It depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish at the airport. If you’re looking for a quiet place to rest and eat before your flight, an airport lounge is a great way to get away from the chaos of the airport. They have comfortable seating for you to eat, work, and pass the time before you have to take off to your next destination.

They do come with a cost, and not everyone can afford to participate in the airport lounge program. Do your research and see if there are ways that you already qualify or purchase a one-day pass. You’ll never want to travel the regular way again when you experience all the private lounges have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anyone access airport lounges?

Yes, in many cases, anyone can access airport lounges by purchasing a pass or gaining elite status through an airline rewards program.

  • What are the benefits of airport lounges?

Airport lounges offer a range of benefits, including free food and drinks, comfortable seating, faster Wi-Fi, and a quiet space to relax and wait for your flight.

  • How can I pay for access to airport lounges?

Many airport lounges allow you to purchase a pass to enter for a day, which can be a good option if you’re not a frequent traveler.

  • Can I get access to airport lounges through a credit card?

Yes, some credit cards offer lounge access as a benefit. Check your card’s annual perks to see if you qualify.

  • Can I bring a guest to an airport lounge?

In many cases, airport lounges allow members to bring a guest. Sometimes this will be free, while you may have to pay a fee other times.

  • How do I gain elite status with an airline rewards program?

Elite status is typically earned through frequent travel with a specific airline. As you accrue more miles or points, you can reach higher tiers of quality and gain access to more exclusive lounges.

  • Are airport lounges worth the cost?

It depends on your circumstances and priorities. If you value a quiet, comfortable space to wait for your flight and enjoy the perks that come with it, then airport lounges may be worth the cost.