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1309, 2022

When Were Planes Invented?

Most history books will claim that the first airplane was invented on December 17, 1903, after the Wright Brothers first successful flight. However, there is some debate on who should hold that title after historical evidence has surfaced over the years. But let’s take a step back to look back at the evolution of planes to get a sense of where we started and how far we’ve come since that first powered flight. Just because the Wright Brothers flew in 1903, doesn’t mean that’s when flying technologies started. Origins of Flying More than 2,000 years ago, there were legends in [...]

709, 2022

How Do Planes Fly?

The Wright Brothers changed the world in December 1903 with what was arguably the world’s first flight, though there is some debate if others came before them. Regardless, that 12-second flight revolutionized travel, opening the skies in ways that had only been dreamed about before. The Wright Brothers couldn’t have imagined what their discovery would make possible over 100 years later. Now, we use the same basic principles to fly planes, though our airborne time has increased significantly. The longest direct flight takes about 17 and a half hours, which can get you from Singapore and New York – a [...]

109, 2022

How Many Planes Crash in a Year?

It’s said that flying is the safest way to travel, especially if you’re flying commercially. Most plane crashes in any given year are with smaller, privately-owned planes. These planes have less sophisticated technologies, including in-flight programs that help pilots navigate various weather conditions easily. Just because it’s the safest way to fly doesn’t mean there still aren’t accidents. So how many planes crash in a year? The number of plane crashes varies yearly, but roughly, assume that there are between 70-90 crashes per year. Keep in mind that includes all types of crashes, including commercial planes and privately-owned ones worldwide. [...]

2608, 2022

Can Planes Fly in the Snow?

If it’s started to snow and your flight is supposed to take off soon, don’t panic yet. Planes can fly perfectly fine in the snow, as long as there isn’t pesky ice clogging up the runway. If you’re wondering if your plane can fly in the snow, the answer is it depends. Large passenger planes have no problem flying in the snow, while smaller planes may not be able to handle the same conditions. Consider the type of flight you’re taking before worrying if the plane can take off safely, and adjust your plans accordingly. Flights that are canceled or [...]

2008, 2022

Can Planes Fly in the Rain?

If you’re on your way to the airport during a big rainstorm, you might find yourself wondering, “Can planes fly in the rain?” Even as you check your airline app and see your flight, you breathe a sigh of relief as you see it hasn’t been delayed yet. However, you can’t help the question from popping into your head – making a mental note to look it up when you’re through security. The answer is yes. Planes can fly in the rain. With modern technology, they can fly – and land! – safely in all sorts of weather conditions. What [...]

708, 2022

Do You Need To Take Out Chargers For Airport Security?

Passing airport security is not a cakewalk if you’re carrying the wrong items. To clear airport security, you need to abide by all the airport rules and regulations. Anything found in your carry-on that is restricted by the airport security staff, will make things worse for you. Now, the burning question: Do you need to take out chargers for airport security? You will get your answer in a while as you scroll down. So, let’s dive into the details before the panic sets in. Do You Need To Take Out Chargers For Airport Security? The answer is No! You don’t [...]

3107, 2022

Can A Camera Go Through Airport Security?

Airport security has numerous rules that dictate the carrying of almost all the items regarding our daily use. From the sizes of aerosol canisters, tubes, and bottles containing liquids to batteries, medications, and cash and how to carry each item when you are travelling by air. Often simple things can trigger the alarm systems and delay you from boarding your flight. To avoid such events, it is best to go through the list of items that the federal and local governments prohibit so you can pass through customs and security without any hassle. Many people are concerned about carrying a [...]

2607, 2022

Do Airlines Offer Refundable Tickets?

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, travel plans might take a turn when you least expect them. In this case, the date and time of your flight ticket will be affected. But what if you’ve already booked a flight? Can you not take the flight without incurring any loss? Do airlines offer refundable tickets to their consumers? Let’s find it out in the article below. Do Airlines Sell Refundable Tickets? Whether you’ve encountered a travel visa denial, a business emergency, or want to extend your holiday season, you can tackle all these problems with one single solution – refundable tickets. When you’ve [...]

2107, 2022

How Do Airlines Price Their Tickets?

We spend hours figuring out the best strategy to buy an airline ticket but all in vain. The fare fluctuates (seemingly) without reason, and the entire pricing system seems random. So, how exactly do the airlines determine their ticket prices? To understand the air ticket pricing you will have to understand the logic behind the airlines’ pricing system? And to understand the system, we’ve come up with this comprehensive article discussing the factors affecting the airlines’ tickets price. Let’s get started! The Secret Behind the Airlines Tickets Price Due to significant improvements in AI technology and algorithms over the years, [...]

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