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As more and more people have the desire to travel, airline companies are trying to accommodate them all in spaces that have limited capacities. Airlines only have so many seats, but airlines have started the practice of booking too many people for the number of seats their plane has. This practice often leads to inconvenience for other customers who are not allowed to board the plane. If you or a loved one has experienced this, under EU ruling 261/2004, you are entitled to compensation.  Many companies will fight on behalf of you, which is why we have compiled a list of the companies we think are the top ten EU overbooked flight compensation providers in 2021.

Since 2004, many companies have entered the compensation market to fight on behalf of travellers who have experienced inconvenience due to overbooked flights. Some companies shine brighter than the others with more advertising and higher ratings than all the others. As you probably know, just because these companies spend the most on advertising, it does not mean they are actually the best or provide the most services for our customers. For this reason, we have done extensive research and combined a list of the companies we believe make the cut as the 10 best EU overbooked flight compensation companies.


10 Best Overbooked Flight Compensation Companies of 2021


Company Country Average Claim Success Fee Time frame
Skycop Lithuania flag 320€ 75€ – 180€ 6 – 12 weeks
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Airhelp Germany flag 320€ 88€ – 210€ 8 – 16 weeks
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Claimcompass United States flag 300€ 88€ – 210€ 8 – 16 weeks
Claim your compensation Netherlands flag 312€ 73€ – 174€ 10 – 16 weeks
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Compensair 310€ 75€ – 180€ 10 – 16 weeks
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Claimflights Germany flag 308€ 63€ – 150€ 8 – 16 weeks
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Flightright Germany flag 320€ 75€ – 180€ 8 – 14 weeks
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Fairplane Austria flag 303€ 75€ – 180€ 10 – 12 weeks
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Flightclaimeu Netherlands flag 301€ 63€ – 150€ 8 – 12 weeks
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Airadvisor Poland flag 298€ 75€ – 180€ 8 – 16 weeks
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Our list of the best overbooked flight compensation providers was extensively researched in order to find the companies we believe bring the best services to our customers. In order to determine this, we researched many factors including the languages they speak, the cost of their services, where the company is located, what countries the company services, what actual customers think about the service they received, and more. We used these categories to compare the companies with each other and narrow the list down to those we thought provided the very best quality service to our customers.


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Skycop reviewRanks #1 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Overall, Skycop provides a lot of information and a streamlined process for getting compensation from airlines. They pride themselves on getting people the money that they are owed, and their customer service and amount of people that they have successfully served provides a tangible reflection of this passion. Skycop has a very informative and secure website that explains the process and what it may entail very well. Their staff and willing to work through several months of claims and negotiations to get results, and past customers say they do this patiently and graciously. Skycop provides all the information you need to decide if you want to use their company to claim compensation from airlines. They have low commissions, but they put plenty of time and effort into the process that would otherwise take months of further disruption to your life and schedule. They make it worth it to open a claim and begin the process to see if you can get anything back your disrupted travel experience.


Claim your compensation with Skycop here

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Ranks #2 out of 24 flight compensation companiesairhelp

AirHelp claims to be the leading travel compensation site for airline cancellations, delays, and overbooking. They have been reviewed on over 70,000 occasions and have maintained a rating above 9/10, which is impressive for any business. Their compensation amounts are higher than other airline compensation sites, while maintaining the industry standard 35% success fee, which is completely risk free. It’s clear that the team members at AirHelp are knowledgeable, and on their “About Us” page potential customers are able to see and learn a bit about who will be managing their claim. With such a sound track record, AirHelp will deliver exceptional service and provide the most compensation possible; all while customers sit back and let the team take all of the time out of the claim process. Also, when airlines deal with individual customer claims, they are less likely to compensate in a timely manner or at all, and are more willing to let the issue go to court. When they are dealing repeatedly with a renowned airline compensation firm, such as AirHelp, airlines will be more willing to compensate quickly.


Claim your compensation with AirHelp here

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claimcompass-400x200Ranks #3 out of 24 flight compensation companies

ClaimCompass is a professional and efficient company in the business of flight compensation. They are very highly reviewed on their website and generally applauded for being efficient, communicative, and overall an easy and effective service to make use of. Sometimes people are skeptical of the process of flight compensation, but ClaimCompass makes it easy to feel like you are getting the money you deserve with little hassle or headache.

ClaimCompass is responsive and will work as quickly as possible to get the claim and compensation taken care of. Some reviewers mention receiving compensation in as little as two weeks, and while each case is highly variable, this company seems to have a faster turnaround time compared to other company’s reviews. They are available to interact with customers in many languages, so they are able to offer their services to a large percentage of the people who are flying within the European Union under these regulations.

Overall, ClaimCompass works efficiently on behalf of the passenger, and has staff with immense knowledge of the airline industry and regulations. They provide plenty of information, including ratings on each airline’s flight compensation tendencies, so the customer has a good idea of what they are getting into. The more claims they are able to win, the more money they will make, so they are plenty motivated to get you the money you deserve to compensate for a bad flight experience in the European Union.


Claim your compensation with ClaimCompass here

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flightdelayed-400x200Ranks #4 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Overall, Flight-Delayed is a good choice of airline compensation sites. They do not have the highest volume, but that may mean more meaningful interaction with team members. Their high reviews and near-perfect success rate speak for the professionalism. And, at the least, their website is a good resource for learning about what rights customers have in cases of egregious airline conduct. As usual, you can count on Flight-Delayed to not waste your money, because they only take 29% of what the airline agrees to compensate, making each claim valuable to them. Reliability is by far their strongest asset. Unfortunately, flight cancellations and delays happen all too frequently, so having a sound airline compensation team is important. And while it can be difficult to choose an airline compensation provider when there are so many, Flight-Delayed will reliably offer each of their customers a sound legal experience and excellent compensation. If you can look past the lack of telephone correspondence and trust that Flight-Delayed will do all they can to win your compensation, then when you submit your claim through the team at Flight-Delayed, you can sit back and know that sometime within the next year your money will be rolling in.


Claim your compensation with Flight-Delayed here

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compensair-400x200Ranks #5 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Compensair has dealt with 40 countries and hundreds of different airlines allowing it to have experience in getting a customer’s claim, this is also doubly effective as they cover every country in the Eurpoean Union and a few outside it. Despite only having limited means of communication, Compensair is able to assist in five different languages and do respond quickly through the appropriate channels.

They are transparent about how they operate, which provides peace of mind to anyone wishing to use them. Their website is simple and laid out in a way that explains who they are, how they work and what it takes to get you compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight.

The customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive citing how easy Compensair’s service was to use, as well as the friendliness of those working for them. Compensair’s Facebook is also buzzing with activity and positive reviews, which shows they have a dedicated client base. While there may be a couple of small wrinkles, Compensair is a reliable company to claim any compensation you may be owed for your flight.


Claim your compensation with Compensair here

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claimflights-400x200Ranks #6 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Overall, ClaimFlights looks like an exceptional compensation service. They fight on behalf of their clients based on European laws to get the compensation their customers deserve. They service an amazing seventy nine airlines, and forty airports across three continents. This global reach is a plus for any potential clients because it offers a wide number of both airlines and airports that could be covered under their claim. While their global reach goes as far as North American and Asian companies, the only problem is that claims can only be made in regards to these airlines if they either took off or landed in a European Union country. In addition, they do not speak all the different languages for the countries they service, so if the customer does not speak another language such as English or German, it will be hard for them to use the service. They have an almost 100% success rate and work on a “No Win No Fee” basis with no hidden costs which means it is free to use if you do not receive any compensation. They have 9.7 out of 10 stars on Trustpilot. ClaimFlights is a good option for customers looking to gain compensation from a much wider travel area than just within the UK or major European countries.


Claim your compensation with ClaimFlights here

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Flightright ReviewRanks #7 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Flightright is a successful company that fights for travellers who have lost money, time, and peace of mind due to problems with air travel. These problems could be as simple as a delay over three hours, to as large as a flight cancelation or rebooking. Any one of these experiences can waste a lot of traveller’s time and lead to further missed flights or reservations, or important events they are trying to get to. Flightright fights on behalf of the customers to get these funds back. They have a 99% success rate in fighting the airlines on behalf of the clients, with the possibility of fighting these claims up to six years after the traveler’s flight. They have excellent reviews from notable sources such as the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, the Boston Globe, the Daily Telegraph, as well as many satisfied customers. They also work on behalf of their customers with a large selection of airlines and airports as long as the flight either took off or landed within a country in the European Union. The span of Flightright’s reach in the airline world gives the opportunity to many customers to receive the refunds they deserve without having to fight the airlines themselves.


Claim your compensation with FlightRight here

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fairplane-400x200Ranks #8 out of 24 flight compensation companies

With it’s dedicated lawyers, researchers and experts, FairPlane gives you the best chance of success when it comes to your airline compensation claim. They are able to do this thanks to their ability to compile data of flight plans, weather data and other necessary things to help with your claim. They claim a near perfect claim success guarantee which aligns with the overwhelming positive response.

Their website is user friendly and spells everything out in easy to understand terms. It tells you how much you are paying, how long it takes and any caveats you need to take not of. While this branch is only located in the United Kingdom, the FairPlane company covers many European airlines and countries.

FairPlane UK also stays with the client every single step of the way, making sure they are informed of their claim status, as well as making the process easier in every way. They contact the airline directly and work with them and the law to get the best result possible. They have only been in the game a few years, but they have proved that they have the know-how, the resources and the support of others to help clients get the compensation for the delayed flight and cancellation they are owed. It may take a little while to get your claim settled, but they will whatever necessary to get it to you, and you will only be charged if you claim is successful.


Claim your compensation with FairPlane here

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flightclaimeu-400x200Ranks #9 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Since FlightClaimEU is a part of CCN Aviation, they have access to resources that other flight compensation companies may not. They have their own supply of legal counsel and lawyers who can help you receive any compensation you may be owed due to a delayed or cancelled flight. Through their claims process they make sure to be thorough and provide any necessary information that may help you receive compensation. To keep your information safe and secure, all dealings with FlightClaimEU is strictly done under this banner and will only be used for resolving your claim.

Not only do they deal with delayed and canceled flight claims, but FlightClaimEU also has a baggage claim service and a tax claim service. Through these you can earn extra compensation by declaring any baggage or luggage lost during a flight as well as using unused tickets due to a delayed or cancelled flight for a tax break.

The claims resolution time for FlightClaimEU is a little faster than other places which gets you any possible compensation faster, and they will only charge you if win any money. That being said, they do not guarantee that you will receive any compensation, but due to their positive reviews of handling claims, it is likely that if you are owed, you will get it.

Their website is easy to use and provides answers to any questions you may have, including how to file a claim and the steps it takes to process it. They also provide extra information to all their services. FlightClaimEU differentiates itself thanks to the extra services and extra steps they take to provide you with any compensation you may be owed.


Claim your compensation with FlightClaimEU here

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airadvisor 400x200Ranks #10 out of 24 flight compensation companies

AirAdvisor is a standard airline compensation provider. They’ve helped over a thousand clients receive compensation for issues in flight delays and cancellations. Their website is easy to navigate, and their FAQ answers seem concise and informative. Their success fee is nothing lofty but rather an industry standard 25%, taken after the case is won. With a success rate of 98%, most clients can feel assured that by choosing AirAdvisor they will almost certainly receive some amount of compensation. Since compensation ranges EUR 200-400, potential clients can calculate quite quickly how much AirAdvisor will compensate them. Although wait times for compensation can seem lengthy, being between roughly 2 months to a year, this is largely due to the laws around when compensation must be dulled out by airlines, and less to do with the AirAdvisor team. While it would be nice for AirAdvisor to expand their scope of customers to include more EU languages, the five they offer is still inclusive compared to other airline compensation companies. Overall, choosing AirAdvisor would be a wise choice for anyone looking for an average sized payout at very little risk of losing their case.


Claim your compensation with AirAdvisor here

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Other Overbooked Flight Compensation Companies Taken Into Consideration


In our extensive research to bring our customers the companies we thought were the very best, we also looked at many other companies that didn’t quite make the cut. Since we reviewed a number of companies, many were close to these that we selected as our Top Ten, but just weren’t close enough to make the list. These were still good companies, but they fell down in one area or another when compared to the companies we chose to be our top ten. For example, these companies many not have spoken as many languages as the others, has as wide of a jurisdiction, or had a larger fee than the others.




reclamador-400x200Ranks #11 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Reclamador is an interesting company compared to the other flight compensation companies previously reviewed. They stand out from the crowd because they also fight for compensation in matters other than flight issues including: taxes, banking, labor, accidents, and health negligence. This gives them the opportunity to help many more people, but they do limit themselves by only working in Spain. Their website is only in Spanish, and their claims can only be fought as long as it happens within the country of Spain. This is great for people who live in Spain, but can be frustrating for people outside of Spain looking for a good service to use, or for those who traveled within Spain and now are trying to receive reimbursement in another country. Their money transfers are often complicated when people are outside of the country of Spain which can be frustrating to users. Their service is easy to use, but it requires printed and signed documents that the user then takes a picture of which limits their potential clients to those with a camera on their mobile device. Overall, this looks like a great option for the people of Spain, but for the rest of Europe this company might not be what they are looking for.


Claim your compensation with Reclamador here

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bottonline-400x200Ranks #12 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Bott and Company is a compensation company that fights to earn many different types of compensation for their customers. These compensations can come as a result of cycling accident claims, car accident claims, holiday claims, bounty data breach claims, and consumer claims, in addition to their flight compensation claim section. They work fast and hard for their customers. They boast that 50% of their claims are completed within 30 days, and if they have not heard from airline companies within 30 days they issue court proceedings on behalf of their customers. Their website does not offer a live chat option, but it is very easy to navigate, provides a wealth of information for the customer, and is mobile friendly.

Bott and Company provides a flat rate chart so their customers know just how much they will be paying for Bott and Company’s services which ends up being 25% commission plus VAT plus an additional administration fee of 23 Euros. They have average reviews on Trustpilot, but are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Feefo based on over 8000 reviews. Bott and Company can fight claims on behalf of their customers on any flight that either landed in or departed from an airport that was located within the EU. Overall, although they only speak English which limits the number of customers they can help, they seem like a strong, reputable company that fights hard for their customers and provides a wealth of speedy services.


Claim your compensation with BottOnline here

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claimi-400x200Ranks #13 out of 24 flight compensation companies

ClaimIt is a company based in Belgium that provides a service that many people need in today’s mobile world. They claim that their claim service is easy to use with only four steps: customer submitting claim, customer submitting their documents, ClaimIt’s execution of your case, and payment of the claim to the customer. Their website is clean and has the option to be translated into any of the languages that they support by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on that country. This is a good feature for those customers who don’t understand English or just prefer to read it in their native language. In addition, their reviews are very good, with customers being overall very satisfied. Their claim time usually takes six weeks to one year to be completed, however recent reviews have shown longer claim times and lack of communication from the company with their customers. Their website does not state if they work only with flights in and out of Belgium or if they work on a wider UK base. Overall, ClaimIt has a great reputation, fights for their customers, has gotten over 10.000.000,00 Euros back for their customers.


Claim your compensation with ClaimIt here

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Best Overbooked Flight Compensation Companies Criteria


  • Cost/Fee: It is important that our customers know just how much they are going to spend to receive their compensation. When they have experienced an overbooked flight, customers want to get the most compensation they can. This is why we carefully reviewed each company to determine the cost of each, including any fees they may charge in addition to the percentage of the compensation they take for completion of their services.
  • Languages Spoken: It is important to us that our customers know what languages the various companies speak. In the European Union there are many countries represented with many different languages spoken. This means that it is important to know what languages each company speaks so they can choose the company that could actually meet their needs. The companies that spoke the most languages were ranked highest on our list.
  • Customer Reviews: We carefully reviewed what actual customers had to say about their experiences with the various companies. This was an important part of our review process because we wanted to know what the actual experience of the company was. These reviews also helped us determine important details like their average compensation time, how available they are to the customers, and if they would use the company again.
  • Average Compensation Time: This was a very important category for us. Many companies claim to complete their customers’ claims very quickly, but don’t always follow through with these claims. It is important to us that our customers know the companies that do follow through with these claims, and know just how long they will be waiting to receive the compensation they deserve.
  • Other Resources Companies Offer: While we reviewed each company, we spent extensive time on their website looking at the other resources they provide. The companies that provided more for our customers than just their simple Overbooking Compensation claim were ranked higher than the others. This could be something like a blog or a section on passenger rights which can educate our customers.


Do Not Miss Your Overbooked Flight Compensation


More and more travellers are experiencing the unfortunate effects of airline greed. As airlines try to keep up with the demands of air travel by overbooking their flights and gambling on the fact that some won’t show up, leaving room for those who do, many travellers are not being allowed on airlines and having to wait for another flight. This is not only inconvenient to travellers, but can end up costing them more in unexpected food costs, unexpected lodging if they have to stay overnight, and the risk of missing work or the event they are traveling for.

Thankfully, in 2004, the EC ruled on Regulation 261/2004 which protects travellers against various airline practices, including overbooking. Since then, many companies have taken on the job of going to bat for these customers and fighting the airline for them. It can be difficult for travellers who have experienced this unfortunate experience to know just what company to turn to for help when so many offer them the same promises. This is why we took it upon ourself to do extensive research and to provide our customers with a list of the best EU overbooked flight compensation companies. These companies were chosen for our list because they performed well in many categories that we felt were important to our customers.

While we believe that these companies stood up the best in each of these categories, we know that each situation is unique and may not be the best for every situation. In addition, we know that people may have different experiences with each company that may be different than the information we provide on this list. While we believe we are presenting the best companies to our customers, the statistics and customer reviews presented in this list are not a guarantee as each person will have their own experience based on each unique case.


Overbooked Flight Compensation by Country



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Scott Welsch is a London based attorney. He specializes in travel law and he wants to educate people on their rights as European travelers. Many flight compensation companies try to entice their customers with promises of speedy service, success rates, money they have successfully returned. To the untrained eye and the frazzled traveler sitting on the floor of an airport, these look like the best options. Our primary mission here is to keep the comparison list up to date allowing you to work with the exceptional companies only that live up to their shiny promises.