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Claimflights is a company that fights for compensation on behalf of a traveler who has experienced certain types of flight trouble. These troubles range from a canceled flight, a delay over three hours, not being able to board the plane due to overbooking, or a missed connection due to another flight being delayed.




They have an easy to use, all online process for putting in a claim that just requires a few minutes of time to put in the basic details of the flight as found on your ticket. Then, they get to work on the traveler’s behalf and with an almost 100% success rate, fight in court for compensation. overview

OVERALL RANK: #6 out of 24
USABILITY: Not very easy to use
REVIEWS: 96% are five star “Excellent” reviews


Our review

Overall, Claimflights looks like an exceptional compensation service. They fight on behalf of their clients based on European laws to get the compensation their customers deserve. They service an amazing seventy nine airlines, and forty airports across three continents. This global reach is a plus for any potential clients because it offers a wide number of both airlines and airports that could be covered under their claim. While their global reach goes as far as North American and Asian companies, the only problem is that claims can only be made in regards to these airlines if they either took off or landed in a European Union country. In addition, they do not speak all the different languages for the countries they service, so if the customer does not speak another language such as English or German, it will be hard for them to use the service. They have an almost 100% success rate and work on a “No Win No Fee” basis with no hidden costs which means it is free to use if you do not receive any compensation. They have 9.7 out of 10 stars on Trustpilot. Claimflights is a good option for customers looking to gain compensation from a much wider travel area than just within the UK or major European countries.

Other things to know about

  • Country: Located in Germany.
  • Success fee: 25% plus tax commission fee of the money you are awarded.
  • Average compensation time: 8 weeks to over a year.
  • Languages spoken: UK- English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, and Russian
  • When it was established: 2015.
  • Airlines supported: 79 airlines including but not limited to: Air France, British Airways, Air Berlin, Air China, Korean Air, Lufthansa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Norwegian Airlines, United Airlines, and many more.
  • Airports supported: 40 Airports including but not limited to: Amsterdam Airport, Birmingham Airport, Dubai Airport, Heathrow Airport, JFK Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Newark International Airport, Zurich Airport and many more.

Claimflights Pros

  • Claimflights works in a large number of airports and airlines.

  • They speak six most popular European languages they speak.

  • Their claim service is all online, which requires no scanning or paper work.

  • Almost 100% success rate.

Claimflights Cons

  • Claimflights’ claims are only supported if your flight took off or landed in an EU country.

  • Some cases are refused with the reason that it is out of their scope of work.

  • The limited number of languages they speak in relation to the number of countries they service, and the length of time it takes. flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 1500 km

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 1500 km to 3500 km

Long flights

  • Flights more than 3500 km fee

Short flights

63Success fee

Mid ranged flights

100Success fee

Long flights

150Success fee

Is trustworthy?

Yes, you can definitely trust them.

This review was updated on January 2022.


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When are you entitled to EU flight compensation?


EC Regulation Number 261/2004 establishes common rules for passenger compensation aid for flight delays in the European Union countries. These rules state that passengers are to be given compensation if their flight was departing or arriving in EU and was delayed due to airline’s fault. Compensation is given to a passenger who has experienced a delay of more than 3 hours. A flight delay in general can be any delay, though in order to qualify for compensation, the delay must put you at your final destination more than 3 hours late. A canceled flight is considered eligible for compensation if it was cancelled less than 14 days before scheduled departure date. Bellow you will find the most common airline’s faults:

Airplane Technical Issues

If the airplane has mechanical or technical issues, such as faulty landing gear or questionable control systems, then the airplane is considered to have technical errors, and is not safe to proceed with the flight.

Airplane Rotation

Rotation situations involve the plane arriving late from its previous destination. This offsets the time it departs on its next scheduled flight route.

Operational Issues

Operational issues can include anything having to do with the planning of the flight. This normally involves route planning, but it could include other technicalities that affect the operation of the plane.


The law provides some level of flexibility here, since there are other scenarios where the flight may not be able to proceed. These reasons are not always foreseeable, therefore hard to document specifics.

When are you not entitled to EU flight compensation?


There are certain circumstances where the airline is not responsible for flight disruptions. If the airline is not responsible, then passengers do not qualify for compensation.

Delayed for Less Than 3 Hours

If you flight was delayed, but you still made it to your final destination in less than 3 hours late, then you do not qualify for compensation.

Flight Canceled More Than 14 Days Ago

A canceled flight is not considered eligible for compensation if it was cancelled more than 14 days before scheduled departure date.

Airplane Manufacturing Flaws

Manufacturing flaws in the aircraft is considered to be no fault of the airline. Under these conditions, no compensation is required.

Bad Weather Conditions

If it is determined to be unsafe for the aircraft to depart, the airline is not at fault and compensation is not required.

Strikes and Incidents

Strikes are not considered the fault of the airline; therefore, compensation benefits do not apply.

Non-EU Flight/Operator

If your flight carrier isn’t registered in the EU, the flight does not qualify for compensation. FAQ

What documents do I need to file a claim?2020-01-08T03:37:12+00:00

Claimflights needs a copy of several travel documents (booking confirmation, (e)Tickets, boarding pass) before we can pursue a claim for you. You can upload the necessary documents while filing your claim.

What if the airline contacts me directly?2020-01-08T03:36:48+00:00

When you have filed a claim with Claim Flights and the airline contacts you directly, you should contact Claimflights immediately. You can reach us by e-mail. It is possible that Claim Flights has already started a legal procedure against the airline on your behalf and has consequently had to cover the costs for this. If the airline pays you directly, we will invoice you for the costs we have incurred, in accordance of our Terms & Conditions.

Always contact Claim Flights when you are contacted by the airline before accepting any offers that are made to you by the airline.

How long back can a claim be filed?2020-01-08T03:36:15+00:00

In the UK, you can claim for compensation for flights in the last 6 years. In many other European countries, you can claim for at least 3 years from the date of the flight. The calculation starts at the end of the year in which you travelled: if for example, your flight date was 1st January 2015 then you can claim compensation until 31st December 2018 – nearly 4 years.

Does ClaimFlights guarantee that I will receive compensation?2020-01-08T03:35:51+00:00

Claimflights does not guarantee that you will receive compensation. You can however always ask Claim Flights for its opinion on how best to proceed should you encounter any difficulties in pursuing your claim.

Can I also file a claim for another person?2020-01-08T03:35:30+00:00

Yes, you can file a claim for all the persons which were part of your booking. Alternatively, any person under your booking can also fill in the online form him/herself.

How can I get the status of my claim?2020-01-08T03:34:59+00:00

As soon as there is new information regarding the enforcement of your claim, we will inform you immediately via e-mail. If you have not received any new information it means that there are no new updates regarding your claim at this stage of the process.

How long will it take until I get my payment of compensation?2020-01-08T03:34:40+00:00

The processing time depends on each individual case. We have had cases where we were successful within a few weeks and other cases took more than a year. Clearly it depends on the respective airline’s regulation policy (willingness of settlement) and the legal situation. It could also be the case that in certain situations we first have to pursue a test case. For that reason we are not able to make a precise statement of the time your claim will take. Your claims are also insured against the unlikely case of our company going bankrupt. We will keep you informed regularly about the status and the course of the lawsuit.

How much do I have to pay for engaging the contract lawyers?2020-01-08T03:34:18+00:00

There are no costs for engaging the contract lawyers because Claimflights indemnifies you of all costs. If we lose the dispute in court Claim Flights bears the full costs.

What is the ClaimFlights Quality Guarantee?2020-01-08T03:33:53+00:00

If our contracted lawyer loses in court but you win the same case with the same facts with another lawyer – or somebody who was on the plane wins in court – we will pay you €100.*

*Only if we had the same level of knowledge as competitors or the lawyer at the time of case completion, and all documentation was provided. Principal exclusions include lapses of time and bankruptcy of the airline.

The online process is showing that the flight was not delayed but I have proceeded anyhow – what does this mean?2020-01-08T03:33:28+00:00

It means we will have to contact you directly to find out if there is a case for claiming compensation for delayed flight. There might be some special circumstances, for example, if the plane landed on time but you were not allowed to leave the plane for hours, or other special cases which have to be handled individually.

What is ClaimFlights doing that I could not do by myself?2020-01-08T03:33:09+00:00

Claimfights is a service provider which works to make your life easier. In effect, you are buying peace of mind from us. By hiring Claim Flights, you save yourself the time and effort involved in writing several flight delay compensation letters , communicating with different parties and facing the risk of losing a lot of money if you take an airline to court and lose. In addition, Claim Flights has access to various delayed flight data and other databases about flight movements, weather and news data, fleet management as well as legal case databases dealing with European and domestic case law. We have specialised legal knowledge which we will share with the lawyer who takes on your case. By using this knowledge we take the work out of your hands and increase the chances of your claim being paid.