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Flight-Delayed is a website that fights on behalf of customers for compensation for canceled or delayed airline flights. Despite it being the law within the European Union to compensate ticket holders for flight delays or cancellations, often the airlines will refuse to pay up, or at least make the compensation process a huge hassle.

Thankfully, there are services to hire in order to take the time and hassle out of the process. Flight-Delayed is one of those services boasting high customer ratings, and a near perfect success rate.



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Flight-delayed.co.uk overview

OVERALL RANK: #4 out of 34
USABILITY: Very Easy To use
REVIEWS: 79% are five star “Excellent” reviews
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Flight-delayed.co.uk

Our Flight-delayed.co.uk review

Overall, Flight-Delayed is a good choice of airline compensation sites. They do not have the highest volume, but that may mean more meaningful interaction with team members. Their high reviews and near-perfect success rate speak for their professionalism. And at the least, their website is a good resource for learning about what rights customers have in cases of egregious airline conduct. As usual, you can count on Flight-Delayed to not waste your money because they only take 29% of what the airline agrees to compensate, making each claim valuable to them. Reliability is by far their most vital asset. Unfortunately, flight cancellations and delays happen frequently, so having a good airline compensation team is important. And while it can be challenging to choose an airline compensation provider when there are so many, Flight-Delayed will offer each of its customers reliability and experience. If you can look past the lack of telephone correspondence and trust that Flight-Delayed will do all they can to win your compensation, then when you submit your claim through the team at Flight-Delayed, you can sit back and know that sometime within the next year, your money will be rolling in.

Other things to know about Flight-delayed.co.uk

  • Compensation time can take up to 6 months, and actual value can be up to roughly €600.
  • The success fee for Flight-Delayed is the regular 29%, taken after the compensation is decided.
  • Customer service is reliable, but there is no way to contact other than email through the website, to ensure all correspondence is legally documented.
  • Flight-Delayed is reviewed highly by past customers, achieving almost 9/10 across more than 1000 reviews.
  • The website is fairly easy to use, with most of the tools available at the bottom of the page rather than across the website header.
  • Flight-Delayed offers customers support in 10 different languages.

Flight-delayed.co.uk Pros

  • Flight-Delayed offers a high compensation rate, easily doubling most airline ticket costs back in compensation.

  • Their website clearly outlines the rights of customers, making their site simultaneously a service provider and good resource for those unaware of airline compensation law.

  • Flight-Delayed has a very high success rate, and wins nearly every case ever submitted to court.

  • Offering 10 languages to customers provides a fairly inclusive platform for receiving compensation.

Flight-delayed.co.uk Cons

  • Flight-Delayed does not offer any other mode of correspondence than through emailing their website address, creating delays in customer queries.

  • Their website is not entirely straightforward, with most resources being found at the bottom, not easily seen.

Flight-delayed.co.uk flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 1500 km

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 1500 km to 3500 km

Long flights

  • Flights more than 3500 km

Flight-delayed.co.uk fee

Short flights

7250Success fee

Mid ranged flights

116Success fee

Long flights

174Success fee

Is Flight-delayed.co.uk trustworthy?

Yes, you can definitely trust them.

This Flight-delayed.co.uk review was updated in 2024.

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Flight-delayed.co.uk FAQ

Flight-Delayed advocates for customers who have faced cancelled or delayed flights in the EU, helping them get the compensation they are entitled to receive.

Flight-Delayed is a legitimate website with excellent customer reviews based on their service, the outcome, and easy-to-use website. They help you get flight compensation.

Flight-Delayed charges a 29 percent commission when they win your case, regardless of if they have to take it to trial. You don’t pay if you lose.

Yes, Flight-Delayed is reliable in helping customers get compensation for their delayed or cancelled flights. Communicate with them through their website for a one-stop-shop.

Yource is the title of our parent company and therefore our official company name. When corresponding with the airlines, this is the name we use. Besides www.yource.com, we offer our service through different platforms throughout Europe. However, you will receive the same service regardless of which website you submit your claim on.

We have the data, technology and know-how to analyse each individual passenger case. With this knowledge we are able to enforce your right to financial compensation. Our customer service is fast, easy and transparent throughout. Our young and dynamic team of multilingual experts comes from different backgrounds; together we combine our knowledge to a rich source of expertise. What makes Flight-Delayed.co.uk different? Our commitment to transparency and superior customer service.

Did you experience a long delay, a cancellation or were you denied boarding? We can quickly tell you if you are entitled to receive financial compensation of up to € 600,- per person.

Should you be entitled to financial compensation, we collect all relevant proof and information concerning the flight in question and take on correspondence with the respective airline on your behalf.

In certain cases, we initiate legal steps such as: letters of default, debt collection letters and legal proceedings. This becomes necessary in the case that airlines deny you the compensation you’re entitled to.

It isn’t always easy to get your money back, but we have the knowledge and expertise to bring your claim to a successful conclusion.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can always contact us via your personal login account (using the features ‘Support’ or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’). We will answer your question as soon as possible (within 5 business days maximum). If you do not yet have a login account, please email us your question at info@flight-delayed.co.uk.

If you experience delays, cancellations or cases of denied boarding in your business or company, we can help you offer a claims service to your employees or clients. We can process your claim and change this negative experience into profit in time and money for both your company and customers. For more information on potential collaborations with Flight-Delayed.co.uk, please contact us via info@flight-delayed.co.uk.

I’m interested in finding a position or internship with Flight-Delayed.co.uk. Where can I find your current job openings?
You can find our current openings on our contact page https://www.flight-delayed.co.uk/contact. If you are interested in any of the job openings, please email us at info@flight-delayed.co.uk.

In some cases we require a copy of your passport or identification card. There are two reasons for this. The airline needs to be able to verify whether the information correspond with the booking details to determine whether the person was in fact a passenger on the delayed flight. Secondly, the airline may want to check whether the correct person mandated us. They can determine this by cross-checking the signed power of attorney form with the passport.

Giving out a copy of your passport should be done with care and only when it’s necessary. It goes without saying that we will treat your documents with the utmost of care, but there are a number of things you can do to make sure you’re not at risk of identity theft. For instance, you can write the word ‘copy’ on the copied document, as well as the date and the company the copy is intended for.

You can; you can always submit an additional claim under your current login account by clicking on ‘Check my flight’. On the page where you are asked to enter your personal details, the information you have previously given us will automatically be populated.

If you are no longer logged in and you want to submit an additional claim, you will be asked for your password before your details are auto-populated.

In some cases, the airline will contact the passenger directly for a payment. Please always consult with the claims team before you provide your details, for instance in order to check whether the amount offered is correct. By providing your bank account details to the airline, you may also accept any deal you are being offered. Please also be careful when providing bank or credit card details to third parties; scammers could pose as an airline and obtain sensitive information from passengers. Never disclose the so-called CVC code that is printed on the back of credit cards.

In order to correspond with third parties, airlines often require a power of attorney form to be provided. This is a form on which the passengers declare that we are authorised to process and submit their claim on their behalf. We ask all passengers to sign this form. Please note this may not be done digitally (however, once the form is signed, it can be scanned or photographed), and in the case of minors, both parents will need to sign in their place. (If the passenger was a minor at the time of the flight but is now 18 years or over, this passenger may sign the form himself.)

We only process claims in written form and are able to answer your questions in writing only, via your login account or email. This is key in making sure the dossier for your claim is built consistently and correctly, which may be of legal importance at a later stage. Additionally, this method will allow us to retrieve all relevant information in your dossier at all times. Questions will be answered within 5 business days maximum by our claims team via the login account or by email.

Yes, you can. However, please notify the claims team in advance so we can take this into account when we plan the steps for your claim. After we receive your mail, we will scan the documents and add copies to your online dossier. Our mailing address is:

Flight-Delayed.co.uk/Yource B.V.
P/O Box 3650
1001 AL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

You can always send us documents by email as an attachment. Please use info@flight-delayed.co.uk. These files will automatically be connected to your account as long as you make sure to email us from your registered email address.

You can only log in with the email address you set up your account with. If you are notified your email address isn’t recognised, you may be submitting an incorrect email address. In that case, check if you may have entered a space behind the address. If the website notifies you that the combination of email address and password entered is incorrect, that means you are entering the incorrect password.

If you want to change your registered email address, please contact the claims team.

If you forgot your password, click on the link that says ‘Forgot Password’ under ‘My Claim’. After you enter your email address you will be sent a new password. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact the claims team via regular email. They can then help you reset your password manually. However, please note the claims team cannot view what your current password is.

In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (article 30, 31 and 36), it is possible to cancel your claim within 14 days of it having been submitted with us. If you decide within this 14-day-period that you do not wish to proceed with your claim, you may cancel it free of charge. If you decide before the end of this period that you definitely want to proceed, we will start working on your claim right away. In the event you decide to cancel your claim at any point further on in the process and your claim is valid in its basis, we will charge a cancellation fee in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. If you have any further questions about this cooling off period, please contact us at info@flight-delayed.co.uk.

Many different factors may affect your entitlement to compensation. If you flew from an airport outside Europe to a European destination with a non-EU airline, your flight unfortunately does not fall under the Regulation. All flights that are operated entirely outside of the EU also do not entitle you to compensation, as the Regulation strictly applies to the EU.

It’s also possible your flight falls outside of the restrictions mentioned above but you’re still not entitled to compensation. This may be the case if you departed with a delay of 3 hours or more but arrived at your destination under 3 hours late. This often occurs when pilots accelerate to catch up, or as a result of the cross-Atlantic jet stream. Because only the delay in arrival counts toward the official delay, you would also not be entitled to compensation in this case.

No, it doesn’t matter on which of our websites you submit your claim. If you submit your claim on Flight-Delayed.co.uk, your account and timeline will be in English. If you would prefer to correspond with us in another language, you can select one of our other websites from the list below. Our multilingual team can assist you with your questions.

Please note: The language your account was set up in won’t affect our correspondence with the airline and enforcement bodies: this correspondence will always take place in English and/or in the language of your country of residence.

The Netherlands: www.vlucht-vertraagd.nl
UK: www.flight-delayed.co.uk
Belgium: www.vlucht-vertraagd.be or www.vol-retarde.be
France: www.vol-retarde.fr
Spain: www.vuelo-con-retraso.es
Italy: www.volo-in-ritardo.it
Germany: www.flug-verspaetet.de

We accept claims on the basis of ‘No win, no fee’. This means we won’t charge you unless we succeed at claiming compensation, even if this requires legal steps. If we’re successful, we will charge 25% of the total compensation.

Please note: Did you submit your claim previously (before 1 March 2015) on the basis of a ‘Pro’ or ‘Premium’ Account? Different terms apply to these accounts. You will have paid an upfront fee, which we won’t be able to refund if we don’t succeed at claiming the compensation. With these accounts, not all steps may be included in the initial fee. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions that were agreed to when the claim was submitted for more information.

Yes, it’s still possible to submit your claim with us, as airlines generally reject the initial request submitted stating ‘extraordinary circumstances’. After you’ve submitted your claim, we will assess what options we have. In some cases, we may decide to skip some steps, based on the specific situation and the airline’s initial response. You can follow the progress of your claim and the steps we take in your personal login account.

Yes this is possible. However, you will need to submit two separate claims. As the circumstances of these flights will never be exactly identical, they will also need to be assessed separately. Several flights may be included in the same claim only if they are directly connected (for instance: the delay of your first flight caused you to miss your connecting flight). Through your personal account you will be able to submit several claims on the same account. This will allow you easy access to your online dossiers and your timelines.

This depends on the situation. In most cases, the compensation will be transferred to our bank account by the airline. We will then ask you to provide your bank account details so we can transfer the compensation to you, after our fee has been deducted. In the event the compensation is transferred to the client’s account we will send an invoice for the 25% fee.

The length of the claiming process varies per claim. We do our utmost to try to complete the process within a few months. However, in some cases it may take up to 6 months or more than a year. This is due to the fact that we are dependent of the maximum legal time enforcement bodies are permitted to take to research complaints as well as of any legal steps that we may need to take.

In some cases it’s necessary to start a debt collection process or to initiate legal proceedings. We will cover the expenses for these steps, which means you will not be required to pay legal costs in the case your claim isn’t successful. If we do succeed at claiming compensation, these legal steps will be included in the 25% we charge for the No win, no fee Account.

Please note: In the case you submitted your claim previously (before 1 March 2015) on the basis of a ‘Pro’ or ‘Premium’ Account, a separate agreement will need to be entered into for the debt collection and judicial processes (which may also include the notice of default).

Once you’ve submitted your claim with us, we will contact you within 3 business days to let you know whether your claim passed our secondary assessment. (Please note that if you wish for us to observe the legal cooling off period, we will wait to assess your claim until after this 14-day period has ended.) After this, the claiming process can commence. We will notify you of the steps we take via your login account and your timeline. The length of the process varies according to the number of steps we will need to take.

Under European legislation, claims can be submitted up to 2 years after the flight date. In certain countries such as Belgium, Germany, Portugal and the UK, this limitation period may be shorter or longer. In the UK, the statute of limitation is set at 6 years (5 years in Scotland). However, a claim’s limitation period is determined by a number of different factors including what the flight route was and where the airline is based. The flight calculator on our home page takes these different criteria into account.

It’s best to retain all travel documents (such as tickets, booking confirmations, boarding passes and emails from the airline), because you may be asked to provide them at a later point. If these documents are no longer available, having proof of payment of your original ticket may still allow us to process your claim. However, travel agents or even the airline itself can often provide copies of documents if requested.

Infants under the age of 2 aren’t entitled to compensation, because they generally travel under a reduced rate or share a seat with their parents. If your children were under 2 at the time of your flight (the child had not yet turned 2 on the day of the flight), they should not be included on the passenger list in your account.

When submitting your claim, you can add several passengers to the passenger list. However, all passengers will need to have travelled under the same booking; if this wasn’t the case, separate claims will need to be submitted for each booking as the correspondence with the airline will also need to be done separately.

If you decide you want to proceed to submit your claim after you check your flight in our claim calculator, follow the steps on our website to set up a personal login account. This account will then enable you to submit your claim. Your personal login account also allows you to edit your online dossier and flight details, follow the progress of your claim on the ‘Timeline’ and request help from the claims team if necessary. We accept claims on the basis of ‘No win, no fee’. This means you won’t need to pay us anything if we do not succeed at claiming compensation.

Please note: starting 1 March 2015, claims will only be accepted on a No win, no fee basis. We formerly also accepted claims under Pro or Premium Accounts. For these types of accounts different terms apply. Please view the relevant Terms and Conditions that you accepted when you submitted your claim.

You can submit your claim by entering your flight details on our homepage Flight-Delayed.co.uk and clicking on ‘Check your flight’. Within seconds you will know whether your flight may entitle you to compensation. This check is commitment free; if you decide you want to continue, you can then set up an account and proceed to submit your claim.

Should you decide to continue, you can enter your personal details and the information relating to the passenger list and your flight schedule. If necessary, you can easily amend these details later on. Pick a password and enter the email address with which you want to set up your account. Once you click on ‘Submit this claim’ and accept the terms and conditions, your claim will be submitted and our team will start working on your dossier’s second legal assessment. You can decide to upload relevant documents right away or do so later on using your online dossier.

Regulation (EC) 261/2004 regarding flight delays, cancellations & overbookings specifies the amount passengers are entitled to. In this document, the sums are mentioned in euros. Once the airline has agreed to pay you your compensation, the final sum shall be stated in Euros. However, should your compensation be transferred to your UK bank account, you shall receive your compensation in pounds. The final sum you receive will be converted according to the current exchange rate.

Delayed or lost luggage isn’t included in the delay regulation. Therefore if you experienced this, please contact the airline or your travel insurance directly.

Airlines may refund you for the expenses you incurred as a direct result of your delay or cancellation, for instance food or drinks purchased at the airport or hotel accommodation in the case of a long layover. But please note you would generally need to have retained your receipts. If you incurred such costs, we can include a request for a refund in our correspondence with the airline. However, if you missed part of your holiday as a result of the delay, the airline will not be required to pay an additional compensation for this. You would therefore need to submit a request with your travel insurance for those losses.

In the event of a long delay, the airline is required to offer its passengers care, meaning food, drinks and/or refreshments, hotel accommodation (if applicable, including transfer to the accommodation) and communication facilities. This is irrespective of the entitlement to compensation, which is based on the time passengers lose when they are delayed. So if you received vouchers from the airline to buy refreshments or meals at the airport, this doesn’t mean you’re no longer entitled to receive financial compensation. However, if the airline offered you vouchers or a discount to be used on an entirely new trip at some point in the future, accepting this could mean you waive your rights to further compensation in some cases.

Yes; you would still be entitled to compensation in this case. The operating airline is always responsible for any delays, even when the flight tickets weren’t purchased directly with them.

However: if your travel agent decided to rebook you on another flight but the original flight was operated on time you are not entitled to receive compensation, because in that case the airline cannot be held responsible for the delay you experienced.

In the event of a cancellation, the airline is required to either offer you a new flight to your destination, or to refund you for your original ticket. In addition, you may be entitled to compensation, subject to the cause of the cancellation and whether this constitutes extraordinary circumstances. So just because the airline offers you a new flight (and/or care), this doesn’t mean you’re no longer entitled to receive financial compensation as well.

You should be entitled to compensation if your total delay in arrival was 3 hours or more. However, you will need to have booked a connecting flight with sufficient time to transfer. Claiming compensation may also be difficult if your connecting flight was operated by a different airline or if your connecting flight took place outside the EU.

If your flight wasn’t delayed in excess of 3 hours you aren’t entitled to compensation under the Regulation. However, you may still be entitled to receive meals or refreshments, communication facilities and possibly even hotel accommodation, depending on the length of your delay. This would need to exceed 2 hours.

If you arrived 2 hours or more later than scheduled at your final destination as a result of a flight cancellation, you may very well be entitled to compensation as the rules for cancellations are different from those for delays.

This is often difficult to determine for passengers. The delay in arrival determines whether the flight falls under the compensation regulation: if this was 3 hours or more, passengers may be entitled to compensation. If you’re not sure your delay was 3 hours or more you can submit your claim with us anyway. We will then assess what the actual length of your delay was and whether you’re entitled to receive compensation.

Yes; the airline is required to pay the compensation per person. This amount is irrespective of how much you paid for your ticket, because it’s meant to compensate you for the time you lost as a result of the delay, cancellation or denied boarding. So every passenger who travelled under a paid ticket should be entitled to receive this compensation.

How much compensation you are entitled to receive depends on the distance of your flight and the length of your delay. You should receive:
• € 250,- (approx. 180 pounds) in compensation if the flight distance is up to 1500 km
• € 400,- (approx. 290 pounds) in compensation if the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500 km
• € 600,- (approx. 430 pounds) in compensation if the flight distance exceeds 3500 km to or from a non-EU airport (this amount may be reduced to € 300,- if the length of the delay is between 3 and 4 hours)

In the case of cancellations, other categories apply. Generally speaking, passengers are entitled to compensation if a cancellation causes them to reach their final destination more than 2 hours later than scheduled.

The regulation sets out a number of ‘extraordinary circumstances’. If the delay or cancellation was caused by such a circumstance, this sometimes constitutes as force majeure. In these cases, an airline may not be required to pay compensation. A volcanic eruption is an example of such a circumstance. A bomb threat at the airport and politic unrest are others. The claim calculator on our website takes the cause of the delay or cancellation into account to a degree, but the claims team will always perform a second check as well. Airlines generally invoke ‘extraordinary circumstances’ in response to claims being brought, but that doesn’t mean that is always just. That’s why we make sure to assess this ourselves.

You may be entitled to compensation if:
– a delay, cancellation or overbooking/denied boarding caused you to arrive at your final destination 3 hours or more later than scheduled;
– and you departed from an EU airport or from an airport outside the EU to an EU airport with an EU airline.

In addition, with every delay or cancellation it will need to be determined whether the airline can be held responsible, meaning the delay/cancellation wasn’t caused by force majeure.