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FlightClaimEU is a subsidiary of CCN (Claims Corporation Network) Aviation. They have made it their desire to allow air travelers to know their passengers rights and provide services that reflect this desire. They have many different services that will enable them to represent clients for flight compensation, among other things.

Although just a trademark of the CCN, FlightClaimEU handles all of its clients through the FlightClaimEU website allowing for personalized service. Any data provided will only be used by the FlightClaimEU service and nowhere else.



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Flightclaimeu.com overview

OVERALL RANK: #9 out of 34
USABILITY: Very Easy To use
REVIEWS: 0% are five star “Excellent” reviews
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Flightclaimeu.com

Our Flightclaimeu.com review

Since FlightClaimEU is a part of CCN Aviation, they have access to resources that other flight compensation companies may not. They have their own supply of legal counsel and lawyers who can help you receive any compensation you may be owed due to a delayed or cancelled flight. Through their claims process, they make sure to be thorough and provide any necessary information that may help you receive compensation.

Not only do they deal with delayed and canceled flight claims, but FlightClaimEU also has a baggage claim service and a tax claim service. Through these, you can earn extra compensation by declaring any baggage or luggage lost during a flight as well as using unused tickets due to a delayed or cancelled flight for a tax break.

The claims resolution time for FlightClaimEU is a little faster than other places, which gets you any possible compensation more quickly, and they will only charge you if they win the claims. That being said, they do not guarantee that you will receive any compensation, but due to their positive reviews of handling claims, it is likely that if you are owed by the airlines, you will get compensated.

Their website is easy to use and provides answers to any questions you may have, including how to file a claim and the steps it takes to process it. They also provide extra information about all their services. FlightClaimEU differentiates itself thanks to the additional services and extra efforts they take to give you any compensation you may be owed.

Other things to know about Flightclaimeu.com

  • Flightclaimseu is part of the CCN which is based in The Netherlands.
  • Received compensation can range from €250 to €600.
  • Compensation fee is 25% of overall money received, but will not charge you if no compensation is won.
  • Average time it takes to receive compensation is two months.
  • Has other services besides claiming flight compensation.
  • Provides no guarantee that compensation will be won.
  • Website functions in a dozen different languages.

Flightclaimeu.com Pros

  • Part of the CCN. This allows them to have specialized legal counsel.

  • Provides not just flight compensation, but baggage compensation and a tax refund for unused or cancelled tickets.

  • Average compensation claim takes two months to resolve.

Flightclaimeu.com Cons

  • Does not cover extreme weather conditions.

  • No guarantee that you will receive compensation.

  • Can only contact Flightclaimseu through email.

Flightclaimeu.com flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 1500 km

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 1500 km to 3500 km

Long flights

  • Flights more than 3500 km

Flightclaimeu.com fee

Short flights

63Success fee

Mid ranged flights

100Success fee

Long flights

150Success fee

Is Flightclaimeu.com trustworthy?

Yes you can definitely trust them.

This Flightclaimeu.com review was updated in 2024.

Claim your compensation at Flightclaimeu.com here

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Flightclaimeu.com FAQ

What is FlightClaimEU?2022-05-14T03:58:27+01:00

FlightClaimEU is a part of Claims Corporation Network Aviation, and they’ve made it their business to advocate on clients’ behalf to get them flight compensation.

Is FlightClaimEU legit?2022-05-14T03:58:06+01:00

Yes, FlightClaimEU is legitimate. While they are part of a network, your personal information is only shared with FlightClaimEU to file your flight compensation claim.

How much does FlightClaimEU service cost?2022-05-14T03:57:43+01:00

FlightClaimEU charges a flat 25 percent fee on your winnings, but you do not have to pay FlightClaimEU anything if they do not win your case.

Is FlightClaimEU reliable?2022-05-14T03:57:20+01:00

Yes, FlightClaimEU is reliable. They have positive reviews, and while they can’t guarantee that you will win your case, they do all they can to get you compensation.

I bought a non-refundable ticket. Can I still get a tax refund?2020-01-09T01:41:32+00:00

The price you pay for a flight booking is a net price which, in almost all cases, already includes local taxes. It is only the price before the airport taxes that the airline is in the position to make non-refundable. This means that taxes paid as part of the booking are fully recoverable in all cases of unused tickets, even if the ticket is marketed as being non-refundable.

Does the 25% charge also apply to TaxClaim?2020-01-09T01:50:23+00:00

No, for the TaxClaim service we only charge the 25€ administration flat fee. In addition, the no cure-no pay policy applies to it, meaning if we fail to recover funds from the airline, we do not charge for our service.

Why do I need to sign a power of attorney?2020-01-09T01:39:43+00:00

In order for FlightClaimEU to be able to legally present the claim case on your behalf towards the airline, involve an enforcement body or represent you in the matter before a court, it needs to be formally empowered by you to do so.
The power of attorney document serves this exact purpose: it expresses legally, that you are giving your consent to us handling your claim. Our system will automatically generate, and send the document to you shortly after you submit your claim, which you will need to sign and return to us.

How do I sign the power of attorney?2020-01-09T01:39:26+00:00

Our system will automatically generate, and send the power of attorney document to you shortly after you submit your claim, which you will need to sign and return to us. The document will be sent in a PDF file. You can open it with a standard PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF readers allow for electronic signatures to be added to the documents, however, while we accept such signatures, since in some cases your signature will be checked against that appearing in your personal identification documents we recommend that you sign a printed copy. You can then scan it or take a photo of it so that you can return it to us via e-mail.

How long does it take FlightClaimEU to process the funds?2020-01-09T01:38:50+00:00

Once we have received the monetary compensation from the airline, we will request your bank details, which we will forward to our finance department. They will then initiate the payment, which will take place within one week from receiving your bank details. If you are curious about the length of the claims handling procedure, we also have a FAQ entry about that.

Are there any extra costs?2020-01-09T01:38:23+00:00

In short: No. Even if FlightClaimEU escalates a claim to a legal level, the airline will be legally obliged to bear the cost of the legal proceedings if we win the case. In the extremely rare event of a case being lost in court, FlightClaimEU will bear the financial burden of the court proceedings at no extra cost to its clients.

How does ‘no cure-no pay’ work?2020-01-09T01:37:45+00:00

FlightClaimEU provides its three main services, FlightClaim, BaggageClaim and TaxClaim on a ‘no cure-no pay’ basis. No cure-no pay means that we will only charge for our service if we succesfully handled your claim and secured a compensation and/or reimbursement for you. The fee will be deduced from the compensation the airline pays. Our only service that does not use this feature is the Second Opinion service, which charges directly for the advice we provide you with.

What are the fees of FlightClaimEU’s services?2020-01-09T01:37:21+00:00

FlightClaimEU provides its services on a ‘no cure – no pay’ basis. This means we only charge for our services if we succeed in the claims procedure – otherwise, you do not have to pay us. This applies to all our services except for Second Opinion, for which we only charge a €25 flat fee in return for the advice provided.

You will receive 75% of the funds provided by the airline, minus a €25 administration flat fee per passenger. When we are unable to claim funds your behalf, we do not charge for our services, and a situation where you pay more than what was claimed cannot occur.*

An example calculation is provided below:

Airline compensation: €600
Passengers: 3
You receive: 3 x 600 x 0.75 – 3 x 25 = €1275

Even in cases where a paid court procedure is initiated, FlightClaimEU will guarantee to cover all costs in the rare event that the case is lost. When the case is won, the airline is obligated to bear all legal costs brought forward by the proceedings.

What defines extraordinary circumstances?2020-01-09T01:36:31+00:00

The concept of extraordinary circumstances is used to decide whether an airline can be held responsible for a disruption affecting one of their flights or not, and if it is therefore liable to pay compensations or reimbursements. Its definition has evolved over time through court rulings and regulation amendments. Main types of extraordinary circumstances are extreme weather-related issues, strike action, and safety concerns. However, only a subset of specific sub-types fall into the definition, for example lightning strikes and airline crew strikes do not count. Our flight rights page and several other FAQ questions tackle this topic.

Does FlightClaimEU take weather conditions into account?2020-01-09T01:31:05+00:00

In each claim case, FlightClaimEU will look up the weather records relevant to the airport in the timeframe of the departure/arrival using its comprehensive set of sources. In some specific types of extreme weather conditions, the airline can reject the claim based on extraordinary circumstances. Winds strong enough to constitute a danger to the landing/takeoff operation and significantly decreased visibility qualify as such circumstances, but lightnings for example, do not. You can find more information about this on our flight rights information page.

What if strikes had affected my flight?2020-01-09T01:30:40+00:00

Certain types of strikes and political unrest qualify as extraordinary circumstances which may exemp the airline from its obligation to pay compensation. Air traffic control (ATC) strikes and political unrest giving rise safety concerns count as such circumstances, but airline crew strikes for example, do not. FlightClaimEU will always investigate the circumstances surrounding the disruption carefully using its range of information sources. We have an intuitive flight rights page to guide you through the eligibility criteria.

A delay made me miss my connecting flight. Can I claim?2020-01-09T01:29:10+00:00

If such an event made you arrive more than three hours late at your final destination, or meant that you could not get to your final destination and needed to return to your original place of departure, you are eligible for compensation if your connecting flights were in the same booking. In addition, you are entitled to the reimbursement of all additional expenses you had incurred at the place of the stopover due to the disruption.

What documents do I need to file a claim?2020-01-09T01:28:38+00:00

Our online claim submission forms request the provision of some travel documents. Namely, we may ask for copies of the boarding pass, booking confirmation and a personal identification document (passport or national identification card) to be submitted. In addition, in some cases the online form may ask for receipts of extra expenses or of the booking to be uploaded.

We only use these documents to double check that the details you provided are correct, and are thus not compulsory to submit. Receipts are only requested in cases where they may be refunded, but are also not compulsory to provide.

However, your personal identification document will be necessary, if your case needs to be escalated to a legal level. If this is the case and you had not provided the document when filing the claim, we will contact you and request that you submit it.

Someone else bought me the ticket. Who will be compensated?2020-01-09T01:28:18+00:00

In case of eligibility, the compensation and/or reimbursement is always due to the passenger(s) in the booking, rather than the person or organization who made the booking. This means that it makes no difference, if your ticked had been given to you by your employer or a travel agency – it is you who suffered from the consequences of the flight disruption, and thus it is you personally, who will be compensated for it.

When can I expect my compensation?2020-01-09T01:27:35+00:00

Most cases take between two weeks and two months to be resolved – significant deviations from this only occur when a third party (airline, enforcement body or court) takes very long to respond.

We take great care to update you whenever the status of your claim changes, and upon your request.

You can read more details about the process below:

In most cases we determine the elibility of claims within 2 working days of the submission, and 5 working days at the latest for complex cases. Depending on how long the airline takes to respond to the claim, the waiting period after this is typically one to six weeks in our experience – with some airlines taking longer to respond than others. If the airline accepts the claim, they usually provide the compensation within a week from their response. If they reject it and we either enlist a national enforcement body or initiate a court proceeding, a further 2-6 months waiting period may occur depending on the specific case in question.

How much compensation will I receive?2020-01-09T01:27:00+00:00

You may be eligible for a compensation, or reimbursement, or in many cases, both. Three bands of compensations are specified in the regulation as €250, €400 or €600 per person. The eligibility and band of compensation airlines are obliged to provide in a specific case depends on both the total flight distance, and the type of the disruption. In case of delays, it also depends on the length of the delay. In some cases, reimbursement of additional expenses induced by the disruption also needs to be provided, if the receipts of the extra expenses have been kept. In the case of baggage claims the compensation/reimbursement scheme is different, and normally a maximum of about €1300 can be claimed per flight. You can find more information about this topic on our flight rights and baggage rights pages.

How does FlightClaimEU investigate disruptions?2020-01-09T01:26:14+00:00

FlightClaimEU uses various commercial and consumer databases of flight, weather and air traffic control data. This set of up-to-date information serves as the basis for our decisions about eligibility. Not only does FlightClaimEU gather data from dedicated databases, but also from social media sources and news articles. These additional sources play a fundamental role in our monitoring system. The top-of-the-line IT solutions we implement and maintain help us always stay ahead of the pack.

How can I file a claim?2020-01-09T01:25:54+00:00

You can file your claim using our online forms, which you can access by clicking on the name of the relevant service:

FlightClaim | BaggageClaim | TaxClaim

You will generally need:

  • Your basic personal details, and of any underage children who travelled with you
  • The details of your flight
  • In case of a BaggageClaim, preferably photos of your bag, and specifically about any damage to it, and your Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number
  • Electronic copies of your travel documents (booking confirmation, boarding pass, passport/identification card)

We recommend that you submit as much information and as many documents as possible, since this can speed up the process significantly. We also recommend that you collect any receipts of extra expenses, as you may also be eligible to be reimbursed for these.

Does FlightClaimEU guarantee that I will receive compensation?2020-01-09T01:24:50+00:00

FlightClaimEU does not guarantee that you will receive compensation or reimbursement. Before we start the claims handling process and make your case to the airline and/or further enforcement agencies or courts, we first determine the eligibility of your case. We will inform you about this decision between 2 to 5 working days from your submission. Your can find more information about how we determine eligibility here.

How can I contact FlightClaimEU?2020-01-09T01:24:13+00:00

We would be glad to hear from you. You can always contact us at office@flightclaimeu.com, or you can leave us a message using our contact form by clicking here.

What happens to the personal details I provided?2020-01-09T01:23:40+00:00

FlightClaimEU treats all your personal information confidentially, and stores it in a secure digital environment. We will not provide any part of your data to third parties without your consent and will not store it any longer than necessary for the claims handling process to finish. We also fully comply with the new GDPR regulations. For more information please consult our Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions.

How is FlightClaimEU related to CCN?2020-01-09T01:22:59+00:00

CCN Claims Corporation Network is an innovative European cross-border claims management service provider, based primarily in The Netherlands. FlightClaimEU is a trademark of CCN and hence on legal documents related to your claim, you will be formally represented by CCN, not FlightClaimEU. However, throughout the process you will always remain a FlightClaimEU client and will only be contacted by FlightClaimEU representatives. Your data will also only be handled by FlightClaimEU, which you can read about here, and in our Privacy Policy.

Why choose FlightClaimEU?2020-01-09T01:22:32+00:00

Besides the exceptional flight claim handling experience FlightClaimEU offers, our motivation to advocate passenger rights makes our service more informative (we always tell you exactly what we have done to progress your claim). In addition, our carefully designed website and forms offer a truly innovative and easy-to-use user experience. Our parent organization, Claims Corporation Network also backs us with top-notch legal expertise to succeed even in he most complex flight claim cases.