If you haven’t pre-selected your seats while flying with TUI, online check-in will be critical to helping you snag the best seat. It opens 48 hours before your departure, so you’ll want to jump on as fast as you can so you won’t be stuck with the dreaded middle seat. Online check-in closes six hours before the departure, and you can also check in in person at the airport.

If you choose to check in in person, when you can check in depends on the length of your flight. Short and mid-haul flights should be able to check in at least 2.5 hours prior to departure. You can check in at least 3.5 hours in advance for long-haul flights. You may be able to check in sooner, depending on staffing and airport restrictions. You need to have enough time to get through security.

Check-in Reminders

In some cases, you can also pre-check your luggage to help make your travel experience even more seamless, dropping off bags the day before. Be sure to check your airport to see if this service is available prior to going to the airport.

Keep in mind that you will need to check in separately for all legs of your flight, so you may want to set an alarm or reminder on your phone to help you remember when you are out and about. You can use the TUI app or website to check in quickly to help you enjoy your trip without the hassle.


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