Your baggage allowance will vary when you are traveling with TUI based on what type of trip and fare you booked. Here’s a comprehensive look at what you can expect so there are no surprises when you get to the airport. The short answer is as long as it’s not a prohibited or illegal item, you’ll be able to travel with most things – though it may cost you extra to do so.

Package Holiday

The TUI all-inclusive package holidays include flights, hotels, meals, drinks, and more. It also includes select luggage fees waived, though you can always purchase extra as needed.

Hand Luggage

You are allowed one piece of hand luggage per passenger. Its maximum dimensions should not exceed 55x40x20cm, and there will be slots for you to check if the luggage meets the requirements. Additionally, it should not exceed 10kg in weight. Again, your bag may be weighed. If it exceeds these requirements, you will be asked to check the bag and may be subject to a fee.

In addition to one piece of hand luggage, you are also able to bring an additional personal item. It should be small enough to fit below the seat in front of you, so this could include laptop bags, briefcases, purses, or handbags. You cannot store this in the overhead container so choose carefully.

Checked Luggage

As part of your fare, you are entitled to a complimentary piece of luggage. Some packages have a maximum 15kg allowance, while others have a 20kg allowance. Check your booking to see which applies to your specific trip to avoid additional fees for overweight luggage. You can bring additional luggage for a fee.

Extra Luggage Fees

You can pre-purchase additional luggage weight or bags in advance or buy them at the airport. Keep in mind you will save a little money if you buy it before your flight. Checked bags cannot exceed 25kg per bag, and you can add an additional 5 to 10kg per person, starting at £18 for 5kg both ways.

If your bags are over the allowed weight limit, then you will be subject to the following fees.

  • Short haul flights: £13
  • Mid-haul flights: £15
  • Long haul flights: £18

Weigh your options if it’s worth it to pay the additional fee or trim down what you’re packing on your next trip.

Flights Only Bookings

If you only booked a flight with TUI, you have some additional restrictions when it comes to checking your luggage. The hand luggage restrictions are similar to all-inclusive trips.

Hand Luggage

Similar to a package holiday booking, you are allowed one piece of hand luggage per passenger. It should not exceed 55x40x20cm in dimension or 10kg in weight. TUI staff will be on hand at the airport to verify your hand luggage meets standards. If not, you will be asked to check your bag, which will be subject to additional feeds.

You can also have a personal item as long as it can fit under the seat in front of you. This could be a handbag, purse, laptop bag, or briefcase. As you consider your personal item, keep in mind that you cannot store it in the overhead bin, so it must be compact enough to be comfortable.

Checked Luggage

Unfortunately, checked luggage is not included with your airfare, so you’ll need to pay an additional fee if you would like to check a bag when flying with TUI. You can do this in three different ways.

First, you can add a checked back when you are booking your ticket, or you can add the checked back to your booking after the fact by logging into your account online or via the app. Pre-booking the bags online are the most cost-efficient option, so if you know you will need to check, it may be worth it to buy in advance.

You can also pay to check your bag at the desk when you are checking into your flight. Be sure to check what limitations there are with your bag prior to arriving at the airport. There may be additional fees for oversized or heavy bags.

Extra Luggage Fees

The fees are a little more expensive if you only purchased a flight through TUI and want to check additional luggage or add more weight to your suitcase. You can add an additional 15kg, 20kg, or 25kg per person, starting at £40 for an additional 15kg. This is for both legs of the trip. You do not need to purchase this twice.

Add this online or at your local TUI Store prior to flying or at the airport. You can also call customer service to add it to your booking. If your luggage is heavier than your allotment, then you will be responsible for the following fees based on the length of your flight.

  • Short haul flights: £13
  • Mid-haul flights: £15
  • Long haul flights: £18

It may be easier to pay the fee rather than worry about parrying down your suitcase at times.

TUI Premium

If you upgraded to TUI Premium, you also get additional luggage allowances in addition to the other perks. This includes a weight allowance of 23kg and a 10kg piece of hand luggage. Weigh your options prior to booking. It may be worth it to invest in a slightly higher fare and get additional perks, then have luggage add-ons that don’t really work for you in other ways.

Traveling with Children under 2 Years Old

It’s never easy to travel with children and infants, and TUI strives to make it a little more stress-free. While there is no luggage allowance for infants, whether they are seated with you or have their own seats, you can travel with a car seat or stroller free of charge.

The pushchair cannot exceed the 55x40x20 cm hand luggage requirements. You should be able to check this at the gate for ease of comfort for you and your child. It does not count towards your luggage allowance. You are also able to travel with milk, formula, and other necessities for your baby, even if they are outside the maximum liquid requirements.

You should notify airport security of what’s in your bag. It will be subject to additional searching; however, it should pass through without issue as long as it is a reasonable amount. The same is true for any pumping items you are traveling with. If you face any troubles, be sure to contact airport security or a member of the TUI team to help you.

Leisure Baggage Allowance

Because TUI offers holidays to many popular tourist destinations, you may be traveling with some sporting or otherwise oversized equipment. This should be no problem, but you’ll want to contact TUI’s customer service team well in advance to make sure there will be space for your items. Failure to do so may result in it being turned away at the check-in counter or gate.

  • Bikes should be placed in a bike bag with handlebars turned inwards. You need to remove your pedals, deflate your tires, and wrap the bike in plastic or cardboard.
  • Passengers with an active diving certificate who are traveling with their equipment can qualify for an additional 5kg of luggage allowance free of charge. You simply have to show it at check-in to qualify. Additional equipment can be checked with additional fees.
  • Any musical instruments that are larger than your hand luggage allotment will need to be checked. You may be subject to additional fees, so make sure to mark the item as fragile and let the crew know what’s in the container if it is not obvious.

Ski Holiday Bookings

TUI offers great holiday packages, including for those looking to take to the slopes as part of their vacation. One of their key partners is Crystal Finest, which can impact your luggage allowance.

Hand Luggage

Each passenger, including Crystal Finest customers, will get 10kg of hand luggage. Like other pieces, they cannot exceed 55x40x20cm. This includes ski boots. If they fit within this size restriction, they can be included as a piece of hand luggage.

Checked Luggage

Passengers traveling with TUI can get 20kg of checked luggage, though infants (under 2 years old) can get 10kg luggage allowance. If you are a Crystal Finest Customer, you could get 23kg of checked luggage, which can offset the weight of carrying some of your ski items.

You are subject to excess luggage fees, even if they are your skiing equipment if you exceed the maximum requirements.

Marella Cruises Bookings

TUI also partners with Marella Cruises to offer unforgettable trips. You fly with TUI, but it’s Marella ships that take you on the holiday you’ll never forget. However, there are some restrictions you’ll want to keep in mind. It adds a little complexity to your trip, so make sure to check with TUI customer service if you have any questions.

TUI Airways Luggage

When you are flying with TUI, you have a 20kg hold luggage allotment. You can share this allotment with other passengers you are traveling with; however, no single bag can exceed 23kg.

Hand luggage should not exceed 10kg in weight or 55x40x20cm in dimension. Unlike other flights, you are not allowed a personal item that cannot be stored in your hand luggage. All handbags, laptop bags, and other personal items that would typically be stored under the seat in front of you must also fit inside the hand luggage. This makes it easier to transition between the different legs of your trip.

Bonded Luggage

Cruises that are sailing from Barbados or Jamaica will have their luggage transported as part of TUI’s bonded luggage service. That means that once your bag is properly tagged and collected, you will not need to wait for it at the airport. Instead, it will be directly transported to your cabin so you have all the comforts of home from day one on your cruise.  You should receive your tag 14 days before your departure. If you don’t, contact TUI customer service.

Luggage with Additional Airlines

At times, you may be transferred or travel with an airline that is affiliated with TUI but not part of TUI Airways officially. If this is the case, you want to check directly with them to see what their baggage allowances are. If they differ from TUI, you may be subject to additional fees.

One way to avoid this is by meeting the minimum requirements vs. the maximum. That way, you will have no surprises. Your baggage alliances should be listed on your ticket or confirmation email no matter who you are traveling with to make it easy to find if you know what you’re looking for.

TUI Baggage Allowance Summary

The TUI baggage allowance differs depending on the type of fare you booked, the trip you’re taking, and any status you may have. You will want to check which rules apply to you by looking at your ticket or confirmation. However, typically, the TUI baggage allowance includes the following elements.

  • One free piece of hand luggage weighing less than 10kg and smaller than 55x40x20cm.
  • You may be allowed a personal item that should be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. This includes a purse, handbag, laptop bag, or briefcase.
  • Checked bags may or may not be included in the price of your fare, but they must not exceed 20kg in weight. You can purchase additional weight or check additional bags for a fee. It is cheaper to pre-purchase these items in advance vs. at the airport.
  • If you are traveling with children under the age of 2, you can bring a pushchair and infant car seat to check at the gate.

If you have any questions about what you are allowed, you can always contact TUI customer service prior to travel. Your items may be subject to additional screening by TUI staff. If the bag is bigger or heavier than the allowances, you will be asked to check it at the gate for an additional fee.


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