The TUI Group is a full-service tourism group with airlines, hotels, and more as part of its holdings. It also operates several airlines under its umbrella, including TUI Airways, TUI fly, TUI fly Belgium, TUI fly Netherlands, and TUI fly Nordic. Together, they travel to more than 180 destinations around the world, carrying millions of people to their final destinations.

Like any airline, they have their share of incidents that cause a plane to be grounded; however, up until 2022, they had never recorded a crash. Thankfully, no one was injured during this crash. Instead, it was an operator error that was treated as a crash out of an abundance of caution. Here’s everything you need to know.

Manchester Airport Crash

Following take off on March 9, 2022, passengers flying from Manchester to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, heard a bang. It was the tail of the Boeing 737 hitting the runway, and the pilots felt a bump during the takeoff. As a result, they turned the plane right back around to check it out.

This error was due to the co-pilot’s inexperience. They were unable to control the aircraft drift due to the rotation speed in the windy conditions, despite discussing the flight plan with the pilot prior to takeoff. While there was some damage to the plane, it did not stop it from being able to travel. The aircraft was later able to take to the skies without incident; however, the pilot chose to land the plane as a precaution, not because it was unsafe to travel.

TUI and Service

TUI takes its customer service very seriously, with all of its staff undergoing rigorous training to ensure that its planes are as safe as possible. This extends from boarding to deplaning and everything in between. In fact, TUI recently received a 3-Star Leisure Airline rating from SkyTrax due to its high-quality service. This includes its seats, amenities, snack and beverage service, cleanliness, IFE, and more. Passengers are treated well when they fly with TUI.

These ratings include both its cabin staff and the ground staff. When it comes to the pilots, you can have your pilot’s license upon joining TUI or get it as part of the pilot cadet program, which helps build a pipeline for new pilots through a comprehensive training course.

TUI is a popular airline thanks to its affordable cost and top-notch service. You can travel with peace of mind when you are flying with the TUI group because it is safe and secure.

TUI Flight Incidents

All flights can occasionally have incidents, but thankfully TUI typically doesn’t have that many. If for any reason, there is something unsafe on the plane, TUI will immediately land at the nearest airport or as soon as it is safe to do.

All incident reports and filed and investigated to ensure any issues are addressed before the aircraft is used again. They do not take chances with the safety of their passengers. It is completely safe to travel with TUI.

So, How Many Crashes has TUI Had?

It’s reported that there has just been one plane crash in TUI’s history. There were no casualties, and it was a single-plane incident. It simply did not properly clear the runway before taking off due to the weather conditions. While it was scary to feel the bump and hear the bang, everyone was safe.

The flight was simply grounded as a precaution to give time to investigate and make sure that there was no additional damage. You can travel freely with TUI knowing they have a fantastic track record when it comes to plane crashes.


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