Once travel restrictions were lifted, people around the world were ready to take the skies on their long-awaited trips. Unfortunately for some travelers, their flights were cancelled due to staff shortages, supply chain issues, and at times, political unrest. Let’s discuss why TUI is cancelling flights and what you can do if it happens to you.

Flight Cancellations and Disruptions

Many people spent three years dreaming about their next trip, and what they would do once they were able to fly. Once restrictions were lifted, there was a surge of people looking to take a holiday. However, in some cases, there were not enough pilots available to meet the demand, which was a lingering effect of COVID-19.

Some pilots had taken early retirement, while others were laid off as a result of the pandemic and never came back. Many pilots who were in school prior to the pandemic needed to complete their studies or had a lack of hands-on training. All of this contributed to a staff shortage that caused ongoing disruptions across the airline industry as a whole, including at TUI and all of its airline holdings.

In some cases, flights traveling to countries facing political unrest were cancelled due to safety concerns. These were not impacted by the staff shortages and were simply done to ensure the safety of the flight crew and passengers.

Do I Get a Refund?

If your flight was cancelled, TUI was issuing refunds for guests, and some even received additional vouchers for the trouble. It can take up to 14 days for the refund to hit your account, and you can always re-book using the website, app, or by calling customer service.

The majority of flights were not cancelled, but there is a risk that your flight could be cancelled again. As you make travel arrangements when flying with TUI, make sure that you booked flexible rates, given they may be less forgiving if the place you are staying is not affiliated with TUI. If you booked a full trip with TUI, make sure that all aspects of your trip were cancelled or that you were rebooked appropriately.

You are entitled to a refund as long as the airline cancelled, and you did not cancel your trip. This includes if it was cancelled because of a staff shortage or if it was cancelled due to political unrest.

Do I Qualify for Flight Compensation?

If your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before your departure date, you could qualify for compensation of up to €600, depending on the flight length. Because understaffing is within the airline’s control, they are entitled to compensate you for your inconvenience.

Gather all your documentation, including your original flight date, your cancellation email, and anything else you have that may share why your flight was cancelled. Once you have gathered everything, contact TUI customer service to submit a claim.

Keep in mind that if you have accepted a voucher or additional compensation directly from the airline, you may not be eligible to claim compensation. Make sure to read the fine print before you accept anything from the airline.

If the flight was cancelled due to political unrest, you are not entitled to receive additional compensation. However, you can always contact the customer service team to see if they will work with you. TUI strives to serve its customers to the best of its ability.

So, Why Are TUI Cancelling Flights?

TUI is cancelling flights because of staff shortages. In small cases, there has also been political unrest that causes the flight to be cancelled. If the cancellation is within TUI’s control, you could be eligible for additional compensation on top of your refund.


Claim up to €600 for your cancelled TUI flights.

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