diIn light of current circumstances, TUI and comparable travel operators have been confronted with the unexpected cancellation of multiple holidays, primarily due to insufficient airport staff to handle the surge in demand. This has been acutely felt by those planning departures from places like Manchester Airport, where an average of 43 TUI flights were cancelled each day for a month. Consequently, countless travelers are left wondering about potential compensation for their disrupted TUI holidays.

TUI maintains that all eligible passengers were informed about possible compensation upon the announcement of their cancellations, yet it appears that several who might be entitled to it were not advised to pursue a claim. Understanding the framework surrounding holiday cancellations is key here.

Are You Qualified for Compensation?

If your vacation has been cancelled by the travel operator, you are due a complete refund. In certain cases, you may also be eligible for additional compensation, depending on the specifics and timing of the cancellation.

For a holiday, including a flight, that is cancelled less than two weeks before the departure date, you should qualify for compensation. However, this does not hold if the cancellation was triggered by unforeseen situations like extreme weather, strikes by air traffic control, or travel advisories issued by the Foreign Office.

On the other hand, if the travel operator cancels due to their inability to provide the promised services, staff shortages, or internal strikes, they are obliged to offer compensation.

How Much Compensation Can You Anticipate?

European law dictates the compensation you can expect, which varies with the distance of your originally booked flight. Compensation typically starts at roughly €230 for shorter distances and goes up to €600 for the longest flights. This is calculated on a per-person basis, not per booking. Even minors and infants, as long as they had a fare associated with their flight, are entitled to this compensation.

Navigating the Compensation Claim Process

All travel operators follow a similar process for managing compensation claims related to delays and cancellations. That said, certain TUI customers have voiced concerns about the clarity of this procedure.

To stake your claim, you need to complete an online form. If you’re unable to access it online, you can have a hard copy printed. Note that this is the same form utilized for flight delays, which might cause some confusion, but rest assured, it is the right form for lodging your complaint.

As per legal requirements, all travel operators and airlines must make this form available via a link on their websites. Simply search for ‘flight delay compensation form’ followed by the company’s name on Google to locate it.

The link for TUI’s compensation form can be found here.

Per TUI’s instructions, a minimum of 72 hours should pass post-cancellation before filling in the form. You might encounter an “Flight not found” error message, owing to your flight’s cancellation, but submitting the form should result in it being processed by TUI.

Some customers have reported their claims being denied. If you find yourself in this situation, our extensive guide to claiming compensation for a cancelled flight will be a valuable resource. This guide applies whether you’ve booked a standalone flight or a package holiday.”


Claim up to €600 for your cancelled TUI flights.

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