Carrying on your hand luggage makes it easy for you to get going as soon as you get to your final destination. However, there are some restrictions as to what you can carry in your bag. Your bag will need to pass through security, and if you carry prohibited items or exceed the limits for other items, they will be confiscated and thrown away. In rare cases, you could be denied boarding.

Here’s all you need to know about what can go in hand luggage when you’re traveling with TUI.


One of the most well-known travel restrictions is liquids. You are only allowed to carry small amounts of liquid in your bag at any given time. If you do not want to transfer your liquids into travel-sized containers, then you should check your bag. These items will be confiscated and thrown out by security if you do not adhere to the following rules.

  • All liquids cannot exceed 100 ml in size (3.5 fluid oz).
  • All liquids must fit in a 1-liter clear plastic bag, not to exceed 20 cm x 20 cm (8 in x 8 in) in size. The bag must close comfortably in order for it to qualify through airport security.

Liquids can include water bottles, makeup, personal toiletries, and more. It applies to creams, sprays, gels, foams, and more. Anything that is not solid can be counted as a liquid, so it’s best to be cautious is you are looking at what to pack. Again there are no liquid restrictions when it comes to checked luggage, so if you have concerns, you can always check your back for a small fee.


You can bring food in your hand luggage; however, keep in mind that you may be subject to additional searches as a result. This is not because these items are prohibited. On the contrary, it’s because they are dense and can obstruct the view while the airport security is scanning your bag. As long as the food is not liquid, you should not have a problem with it in your carry-on luggage.

Electronic Devices

You can carry electronic devices in your hand luggage without issue. These can include mobile phones, digital cameras, and more. Larger items like laptops should be removed from your bag and scanned separately.

There was recently a new security measure put in place in the United Kingdom and other airports that require all electronic devices to be fully charged when you go through airport security. If your items are not charged, you may not be able to travel until they are charged enough for security to check them.

You are not allowed to travel with small vehicles like hoverboards, segways, and other similar items that are powered by lithium batteries. Spare lithium batteries of 100 wH or less are allowed in your carry-on bag. You can have bigger batteries, but you are limited to two. These items are not allowed in your checked bag.

Exceptions to the Rules

If you are traveling with baby food, medical equipment, or medication, you are not subject to the same restrictions as long as you declare it to security. You may need proof of what it is, so be prepared with any documentation you may need to get through security.

Prohibited Items

You should not carry any dangerous or prohibited items in your bag, including any firearms, weapons, tools, blunt instruments, explosives, and more. If you do, even by accident, you could face serious problems with airport security, even leading to charges and fines in some cases.

When in doubt about what you can carry in your hand luggage, visit the TUI website for the latest information.


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