Many travelers look to upgrade their flying experience, paying a little bit more to get the premium experience. Unfortunately, TUI does not have a business class, but they do have some of the same perks available. Here’s how to score the luxury flying experience when you are traveling with TUI.

TUI Premium

TUI Premium tickets come with several perks, including complimentary food and drinks on board, priority boarding, and two free pieces of checked baggage. Additionally, you will get access to their exclusive lounges in participating airports, though keep in mind this is not available everywhere.

Currently, the TUI Premium lounge can be found in select UK airports, and it provides a great place for travelers to sit and relax prior to their flight. There are also complimentary snacks and drinks available as you wait. If you are looking for a quiet, private place to either get some work done or simply get away from the noise of the airport, you may enjoy the TUI Premium Lounge.

Is TUI Premium Worth It?

It’s up to you if you want to purchase the TUI Premium rate for your next trip. It may be a better deal if you need to check your bags to purchase this fare from the start rather than needing to deal with add on fees after the fact.

If you’re looking for business class perks when flying with TUI, then TUI premium is your next best bet. From priority boarding to complimentary meals and drinks, you get some of the perks of business class for less.


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