Safety is of the highest concern when you fly with TUI, and while regulations may vary from country to country, you are not currently required to wear a face mask while flying with them. While masks are optional, the TUI group still strongly recommends passengers wear them to stop the spread, not just of COVID-19 but also other contagious illnesses.

Sometimes, TUI fly partners with other airlines, so make sure to check all regulations prior to arriving at the airport. You may be required to wear a mask once you arrive at your destination, depending on local laws. It’s best to travel with an extra mask just to be safe, though there may be extras available.

Safety and TUI fly

The TUI Group has put several safety precautions in place to protect passengers when they fly with them. All aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art HEPA air filters to help clean the air as it cycles through the plane, including removing many airborne pathogens. They also regulate the ventilation for optimal air quality during all flights.

The TUI Group also cleans the plane with extra hygiene measures between uses to remove any germs from all surfaces. The cabin crew is well-trained to help keep the plane in the best condition, protecting all passengers during all points of their trip.

Similar measures are also taken when passengers use any the TUI Groups services, including hotels, resorts, and cruises. Even so, you should still consider wearing a mask during your travels as a precaution against germs.


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