There are a lot of amenities and perks available when you fly with TUI, but what you get depends on the length of your flight – and that includes meal service. If your flight is over seven hours long, then your flights will include meals. If it is less than seven hours long, then there are a range of snacks and meals available for purchase. There will be no complimentary meals on short to medium haul flights.

What’s Included in my Meal Service

For long haul flights over seven hours long, meals and drinks are included, and you will be given a menu to pick from. If you have any dietary restrictions, please make sure to indicate this at the time of your booking, though you can also let the crew know to be safe. Your meal is served with a complimentary soft, hot or alcoholic drink.

TUI does not provide meals for passengers under two years old, so if you are flying with children, you’ll want to bring your own food for them. If at any time throughout the flight you would like additional snacks, they are available for purchase.

The menus vary from flight to flight, so make sure to check what is being offered on your flight to ensure they can accommodate your dietary restrictions. Sample menus include soups, sandwiches, and desserts. They also have liquor and wine – you can even order a bottle of champagne if you’re feeling fancy!

If you have any questions about the in-flight meal offering, check your booking or contact TUI customer service.


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