Select TUI flights offer in-flight entertainment, letting passengers enjoy the latest movies and more without using additional devices. Most flights will provide you with headphones free of charge, regardless of what class you are staying in.

Keep in mind that not all flights have screens on the back of their chairs. If there is no entertainment, you will not receive complimentary headphones.

Can I Use My Own Headphones?

The free headphones you receive aren’t the best quality, so you may want to opt to use your own. There should be a jack where you can plug in wired headphones directly into the system. If your headphones are wireless, you may be able to connect via a Bluetooth connection if the aircraft is equipped.

Many prefer the more robust noise-canceling features that personal headphones provide, so always be prepared when you travel. At the end of the flight, you will turn the headphones back in to be cleaned and sanitized and used for the next passengers.

Do I Need to Use the In-flight Entertainment?

Once the pilot says it’s safe to do so, you can pull out your personal devices and watch your preferred form of entertainment. You do not need to use the in-flight entertainment. It is simply there as an option.

It is important to note that you’ll want to download music, movies, books, and other forms of entertainment as there is no WiFi aboard. You will need headphones to enjoy whatever you choose to watch so as not to be disruptive to other passengers.


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