In-flight Wi-Fi is still a work in progress. It’s not always the most reliable when you’re in the air, causing frustration for many travelers, especially if you paid for it. At this time, TUI fly does not offer Wi-Fi within their airplanes, either for free or as a paid service. Instead, you can enjoy the in-flight entertainment from your set, giving you time to disconnect between destinations.

How to Prepare for No WiFi

Many of us take for granted constant access to the internet, so it can be challenging to get used to being disconnected for a time. Before you leave, make sure anyone who will worry knows that you are flying and there will be no WiFi. This will help prevent you from landing to panicked voicemails and text messages.

Next, make sure to download any content you want available during the phone offline. This could include music that you want to listen to, books or magazines you want to read, documents you want to work on, and so forth. You can still use your devices as long as they are in airplane mode and you have gotten the all-clear from the pilot.

If you don’t have anything you want to do, you can pick from the various in-flight entertainment options that are available to you. These are free to all passengers and a great way to pass the time. While TUI fly does not offer WiFi, that is not uncommon since it’s not always the most reliable technology.


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