The TUI Group is a full-service travel and tourism company with stakes in the airline, cruise, hotel, and resort industries. They have been helping millions of passengers travel for 100 years, though following the COVID-19 pandemic, some wondered if TUI was about to go bust. While the TUI Group faced challenges, it did not declare bankruptcy and is recovering post-pandemic.

In fact, the TUI Group intends to pay back the pandemic aid that it received in full, which is a testament to the company’s performance. Based on their results, it indicates that they have achieved a full, pre-COVID recovery. This is thanks in large part to the fact that people want to travel after being trapped at home for several years – and moreover, they are actually doing it!

Why TUI Group Is Winning

TUI fly has more than 150 planes serving 180 destinations worldwide. During the peak travel seasons, they rent additional planes to meet customer demand. In addition to offering affordable and accessible flights, they are also committed to sustainability. In fact, their fleet is among the youngest and the greenest in Europe, so you can also feel good when you’re traveling with TUI fly.

While the pandemic taught the world that anything can happen, TUI Group and TUI fly are well poised to weather the storm and come out stronger after. It’s a publicly traded company, so you can check out its quarterly earnings reports to keep track of its performance if you’re worried about TUI Group going bust.


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