Air France is a popular airline, and it’s part of the larger Air France-KLM group. Here’s all you need to know about who owns France’s official airline.

Air France-KLM Group

Air France-KLM was founded nearly 20 years ago, merging two powerhouse airlines into one large group. This is Air France’s parent company. Previously, it operated independently. Now, all of Air France and its subsidiary airlines, including Air France Hop, Servair, and Transavia France, are owned by Air France-KLM Group.

Air France is headquartered in Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is near Paris, but they have an additional hub in Amberstam Airport Schiphol, as well as other offices. In France, you can find them in Montreuil, Paris, and Seine-Saint-Denis, while the Dutch offices are in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

Air France is part of the SkyTeam and SkyTeam Cargo alliance, and with more than 90 years of experience under its belt, this airline is well respected and poised to transport millions each year.

What’s a Holding Group?

Air France-KLM is a holding group, so that means the airlines both still operate independently; they are just part of the same overall company. They just have a different amount of stake in the company. Both Air France and KLM offer cargo services, smaller regional airlines, and more under this umbrella organization.


Air France is part of the Air France-KLM group, which is a holding group comprised of the French Air France and the Dutch KLM. Together, they serve millions of guests each year and fly to hundreds of destinations throughout the world.


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