You can get a voucher from Air France for any number of things. If you don’t want to travel, you may wonder if you can transfer it to someone else. Unfortunately, Air France vouchers are non-transferable. Here’s all you need to know about your travel vouchers so you use them before you lose them.

Fine Print on Travel Vouchers

Travel vouchers are only valid for the traveler it was issued for. It cannot be transferred to someone else. Air France’s vouchers expire after one year, so make sure that you use them before then. There are no exceptions.

You can use travel vouchers to purchase flights, additional baggage, seat upgrades, meals, lounge access, and more. Contact customer service if you are unable to use your voucher while booking. As long as it’s valid, it is treated like any other form of payment.

If your travel voucher does not cover the entire cost, you need to pay the difference.

How Do You Get Travel Vouchers?

Travel vouchers can be issued at the airport or emailed to you within 7 days of the original request. Keep in mind if you receive a voucher because of a delayed or canceled flight, you may not be able to claim additional compensation for your inconvenience under EC 261. Make sure the value of the voucher exceeds what you would receive if you filed a claim.


Air France travel vouchers are only good for the passenger it was issued for. They are not transferable to other passengers under any conditions.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted Air France flights.

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