Flight cancellations and delays are a normal occurrence when it comes to air travel, but EC 261 protects passengers when these issues are avoidable. If you face an issue that was within Air France’s control, you are eligible for compensation. Here’s everything you need to know about how to file a claim with Air France to get the compensation you deserve.

Filing a Claim with Air France

Air France makes it easy to file a claim if you face an issue with them, but you can contact customer service if you have any questions.

  1. Check claim eligibility

You can use this to check your eligibility to see if your Air France flight qualifies. All you need to do is enter where you were flying from and to, what airline, the type of flight issue, and if a reason was given. The form will let you know if you’re eligible and how much you may receive.

  1. Gather your documents

Now that you know you’re eligible, it’s time to put all your documentation together. This can include confirmations, boarding passes, communications, pictures, and more. Anything that proves the flight issue was the airline’s fault will be critical.

  1. Fill EC261 compensation claim form

The next step is filing the compensation claim. To do so, you will need to fill out a form online or download the PDF. As you enter the details, make sure the information is accurate.

  1. File your claim

Now, you need to file your claim. You can do so directly with Air France through their customer care team or through flight compensation companies. These experts help you secure your winnings, and most only accept payment if you win.

  1. Track your claim

After filing, you’ll receive a unique ID to help you track you claim. This can be done directly on the Air France website or through the flight compensation company.

  1. File an appeal

If your claim is denied, you can file an appeal. If you work with a flight compensation company, they will even advocate for you to court if you need it! Ultimately, while Air France is required to pay out under EC 261, the airline doesn’t always want to lose the money.

Eligibility Requirements

Not all flights are eligible for compensation under EC 261. First, it has to be an issue within the airline’s control, including an avoidable cancelation or delay.

  • Delays: Your arrival time was at least 3 hours or after it was originally intended
  • Cancellations: Your flight was cancelled 14 days or less before your departure date
  • Denied Boarding: You were involuntarily denied boarding because the flight was overbooked.

How much you can claim depends on the circumstances surrounding your issue, including the length of your flight and where it is located. You could receive up to €600.

  • 1,500 km and less: €220 per passenger
  • Internal EU flights that are more than 1,500 km: €350 per passenger
  • Non-EU flights that are between 1,500 and 3,500 km: €350
  • Non-EU flights that are more than 3,500 km: €600 per passenger

It does not matter if you are a European Union citizen. You are still eligible to file a claim if your flight had touch points in Europe and it significantly impacted your flight. However, you need to file a claim in order to get compensation under EC 261. You will not be automatically compensated for your issue if you do not file a claim first.


It is easy to file a claim with Air France under EC 261. You simply need to log in to your account or contact their customer service team to start. You need to have your booking confirmation and proof of your delay. As long as it was an avoidable issue, you could receive up to €600 in additional compensation. This is on top of getting your flight rebooked or refunded from Air France, so don’t forget to file a claim.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted Air France flights.

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