There are different classes available on Air France, including premium economy. You get more comfort than premium at a fraction of the cost of business or first class. Here’s all you get with Air France’s premium economy.

Perks in Premium Economy

Premium economy is only available on intercontinental flights, allowing passengers to be more comfortable as they travel for many hours. The seats are bigger than in regular economy, with more leg room, footrests, leg rests, and a plush design that perfectly contours to your body. You will also be provided with pillows, blankets, and other amenities that make it easier to sleep when you are traveling with Air France.

Additionally, at each seat, you’ll get a large personal touchscreen to watch in-flight entertainment, noise-reducing headsets if you don’t want to use your own and an adjustable reading lamp. There are also outlets and USB ports in each seat to help you charge your personal devices. You will never have to be out of contact when traveling with Air France.

The Premium Economy cabin is separated by dividers on both sides to be a little quieter, and there are limited seats available. The fare is more than regular economy, but with it for the additional comfort if you can afford it.


If you want to travel in comfort but can’t afford business class, consider springing for the premium economy when you are traveling with Air France. These seats are bigger and more comfortable than regular economy, helping you relax for your intercontinental flights.


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