If you have second thoughts after you’ve booked your fare with Air France, never fear! You can always upgrade after the fact. Here’s how.

Upgrading Your Fare

There are a few different ways you can upgrade your fare on Air France. Open the app or locate your reservation online. Navigate to the manage booking section, and click on your existing reservation. If there are upgrades available, you should be able to click on the section and choose your upgrade.

If you have questions about upgrades or prefer to speak to someone, you can also contact customer service. They will ask for your booking reference number so they can locate your fare. From there, Air France customer service can tell you what’s available and help you book the right upgrade for you.

How to Pay for Your Upgrade

You can pay one of two ways: miles or by card. If you have miles, you can use them to pay for your upgrade. You can also purchase miles if you want to pay for your upgrades using miles. While this is an extra step, in some cases it is cheaper to do so.

Otherwise, you can simply pay the difference using a credit or debit card. Most Air France terminals will not accept accept, even if you want to pay in person.


Upgrading on Air France is easy. Simply locate your booking and manage your reservation. You can pay via miles or card. If you have questions, contact Air France customer service for assistance.


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