Air France has lounges available in many airports, and access to them may be included with your fare if you are traveling in business class and above or in business class on any of their partner airlines. If not, there are other ways to snag access to these exclusive lounges. Here’s how.

Lounge Access with Ticket Fare

There are many amenities that come with flying in business class, including access to the Air France lounges. If you do, all you need to do is locate the nearest lounge and show your boarding pass to gain access.

There, you will be able to relax, eat, and enjoy a drink before your flight. There may even be complimentary wifi if you need to do a little work.

Purchasing Access to Air France Lounge

You can also purchase access to Air France lounges. The rate may vary based on the location, but typically, expect to pay about €75 or use 15,000 miles to gain access. If you are a member of their loyalty program and have Flying Blue Silver status, you can get 25% off those rates.

There are Air France lounges throughout France, Europe, and the rest of the world. If there isn’t an Air France lounge available, you could also use one of their partner airline’s lounges. You have options when you want to gain lounge access.


You can get access to Air France lounges with your ticket or by purchasing access for the day. Depending on how long you are waiting, it may be worth it to snag access.


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