Depending on your fare, you can take up to three bags with you. However, sometimes you need to bring additional luggage with you. You can do so, but Air France charges fees to do so. How much varies, and here’s everything you need to know.

Extra Baggage Fees

If you need to check additional baggage, how much you will pay will depend on how many bags you were allowed to bring with you in the first place and the type of flight you are on.

  • If you’re only allowed one piece of luggage, your second bag can cost between €55 and €100.
  • All additional bags over your free allowance will cost between €200 and €285. This does not include the second bag if you’re only allowed one.
  • Heavy bags that exceed your weight allotment will cost you between €55 and €100.

If you pre-purchase additional bags online at least 24 hours before your flight, you can get a 20% discount on these fees. Keep in mind that you are not able to pay in advance for heavy luggage as this needs to be weighed at the airport. It also does not apply to oversized pieces of baggage.


You have options when it comes to traveling with extra baggage. In most cases, you will be allowed to take them, but it will cost you. You can get a slight discount if you pre-purchase additional luggage online. If your bag is an irregular size, you’ll want to call the airline to ensure they can accommodate you.


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