As the world still grapples with the long-lasting effects of COVID-19, many safety precautions are still in place. Currently, when you travel with Air Frace, masks are recommended but not required. There may be some exceptions.

Do I Need to Wear a Mask?

Masks are strongly recommended for all Air France travelers six years and older; however, at this time, they are no longer required to travel with the airline. However, Air France adheres to the restrictions in place in its arrival and departure companies when on the ground, so you may need to wear one in the airport and during take-off and landing.

You want to check the COVID-19 requirements prior to your departure. Some places require proof of vaccine, and if you don’t have the card, you need either official medical documentation or a picture of the front and back of your card.

What Other Safety Precautions are in Place?

Air France cleans and sanitizes the airplane between uses to stop the spread of germs. Additionally, passengers can request a sanitary kit from the cabin crew, which includes a disinfectant wipe, mask, and hand sanitizer.

If you do not feel well enough to travel, contact customer service to see if there is anything they can do to help you reschedule.


You do not need to wear a mask on Air France, but it is recommended that you do to prevent the spread of germs. Some countries still have mask mandates in place, and Air France may require masks upon departing or arriving in these countries.


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