Traveling with electronic devices is the norm, and it’s essential that they stay fully charged – not just to stay connected but also because they include music, movies, and other entertainment to help pass the time. If you need to charge your phone when on Air France, your seat should have a USB available for you to plug into.

Charging Ports on Air France

Air France is always in the process of upgrading its fleet to meet the needs of its passengers. This includes adding USB ports at every seat, regardless of the fare, to allow them to charge their electronic devices. There may be additional amenities available depending on the plane, so you’ll want to check what aircraft you’re flying in on your booking to see all that’s available on your flight.

Keep in mind that some phones have moved away from USB charging cables, so you will need to bring a USB to Type C charger if you want to utilize the in-seat charging stations. Some seats will also have electrical outlets; however, depending on your country of origin, you may need a converter to plug in your phone.


Air France does have USB ports at each seat; however, you may need to take extra steps to use them. Make sure that your charger has a USB port and isn’t a Type C to Type C. If so, you may need a power block and a converter to use the outlet. The cabin crew may have spares if you need to charge your phone in flight.


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