Air France has many inflight entertainment options available, including TVs at each seat so you can pass the time between destinations. Here’s more about what you can expect with your in-flight entertainment with Air France.


Each seat has a TV available, but the higher the class, the bigger and better quality the picture will be. Air France routinely updates their catalog, so you have a great selection of movies, TV series, and documentaries to choose from. There are even cartoons and other kid-friendly content for younger passengers.

Additionally, the in-flight entertainment is accessible to passengers, providing options in 12 different languages and subtitles for the hearing impaired. You can use the provided headphones to hear the content. Depending on the flight, you may also be able to connect using your personal Bluetooth headphones.

Is Entertainment Available on Every Flight?

No, Air France currently only offers their in-flight entertainment program on long-haul flights. If you are traveling on shorter flights, you’ll want to make alternative arrangements. Because wifi can be spotty, make sure to download your content locally prior to take off. This will allow you to watch without access to the internet.

Additionally, in-flight entertainment may be unavailable on the 1st of every month as the catalogs refresh and go through updates.


Air France has TV and other entertainment available on long-haul flights. Shorter flights do not have access to entertainment, and you’ll need to bring your own to pass the time. Just make sure it’s downloaded as you may not have internet access during the flight!


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