TSA Precheck is a great way to bypass long security lines at the airport. You go through a background check to qualify, and once you do, you can pass through a streamlined check-in process, even skipping steps like removing electronics from your bags and your shoes when you step through the scanner. Currently, Air France participates in this program, and here’s how you take advantage of it.

Using TSA Precheck with Air France

You need to add your known traveler number (KTN) to your Air France account in order to have it on your boarding pass. You can do this by clicking your profile and selecting trusted travelers from the menu options. You can also contact Air France’s customer service to add this number to your account.

If you are booking directly through Air France, you may not be able to add the number during the booking process without it being on your profile. If you are unable to add it, contact customer service after your booking to have it added to your fare.

Why Do I need my KTN on my Boarding Pass?

Your boarding pass is your ticket to entering the airport, including which security lines you can use. You need it on your boarding pass in order to use the TSA precheck lines at the airport. If you do not have your number, you may be unable to use these lines.


Air France has TSA Precheck available, and you need to take extra steps to add your number to your account to use it. Customer service can help if you have questions.


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