Air France offers a full service on its flights, including meals, snacks, and drinks. This includes alcoholic beverages. On international flights, Air France will provide free alcohol to all its passengers, regardless of class.

What Type of Alcohol Is Available on Air France

Air France offers its passengers a generous selection of champagne, wine, beer, and spirits during their international flights free of charge. The wine and champagne served was chosen by Paola Basso, who was named the world’s best sommelier in 2013. You can drink easily knowing that you are enjoying some of the best drinks in the world on your Air France flight.

You may need to pay for these amenities if your flights are shorter and you are in economy. Typically, you can get all your drinks for free regardless of flight length when you fly business or first class.

Is There a Limit to the Free Alcohol?

Thankfully, if you’re looking to take the edge off when you are flying with Air France, there is no limit to the amount of alcohol that you can be served. It is unlimited. However, if you start to be disruptive, you will be cut off and could face serious consequences once you are on the ground, so it’s best that you remain on your best behavior.


On international flights, all passengers can get free alcoholic drinks, regardless of class. These are unlimited, but you should still drink with caution. They also have hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks available, so there is something for everyone.


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