Air France recently unveiled a new business class seat design, and one of the most exciting features is the cabins will be equipped with flat beds, helping you travel in comfort no matter where you’re going. The long-haul fleet is currently being upgraded, so not all planes have them yet, but they will by about March 2024.

Air France’s New Business Class Features

These convertible beds will only be available in the long-haul fleet. The seats can convert to a flat bed, which measures about two meters. Additionally, the pods come with a sliding door, allowing you to travel in privacy and peace during your flight.

There will be 48 seats in the business class cabin, and you will also have a 4k HK screen in your pod, as well as noise-reducing headphones to enjoy the entertainment. You can also connect your own headphones via Bluetooth. Some of the center pods, if you are traveling with someone, can be connected to one big pod via a retractable center panel.

The planes are currently being upgraded, so if you’re traveling with Air France before 2024, you may not get one of these sleek new seats. However, afterward, they are expected to be standard in all long-haul Air France flights.


Air France is updating its business class to have seats that convert into flat beds. They also have other amenities to make flying in business class as comfortable as possible on long-haul flights. These features are expected to be ready in 2024 on their longer flights.


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