Recently, Air France updated its service animal requirements. While service animals are allowed to travel with Air France at no cost, emotional support animals no longer qualify as service dogs. You can still travel with your emotional support animal; however, you may need to pay an additional fee or stow it in cargo during your trip.

How to Travel with Service Animals

If you plan on traveling with animals, you need to notify Air France. You must submit your request at least 48 hours prior to taking off, including official documentation proving its status as a service dog. Additionally, the animal must be up to date on its vaccinations and behave well. It needs to be wearing a harness and stay securely fastened at all times. It cannot block the aisle or other seats.

Select countries have special requirements when traveling with animals, so make sure that you meet all prior to leaving. If you don’t, your dog may not be allowed in the country.

Are Emotional Support Animals Service Animals?

At this time, emotional support animals are not qualified as service animals. You may have medical documentation that you need the animal; however, it does not undergo the same amount of training as service animals, so they are not treated the same.


Air France does not treat emotional support animals the same as service dogs. They are allowed on the flight but may need to be in cargo during the flight. Contact customer service if you have questions about your emotional support animal.


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