Air France allows passengers to travel with pets, including dogs. You can travel with your dog in the cabin with you if you meet the following criteria.

Traveling with a Dog

You need to notify Air France that you will be traveling with a dog when you book the flight. If you intend to have your dog in the cabin with you, it must weigh less than 17 pounds and fit in a travel bag that slides under the seat in front of you.

The dog cannot be let out during the flight, and it must be up to date on all of its vaccinations. Some countries have different requirements, so make sure that you need them. If you do not or cannot provide documentation, your dog will not be allowed in the country.

If you have a larger dog, you can travel with it in the hold. It must be in a crate appropriate for its size.

Does this Apply to Service Dogs?

Service dogs with proper documentation can fly with Air France free of charge. It must be well-trained and not block the aisle or other passenger seats. The dog must wear a harness and be leashed at all times. You still have to let Air France know when you are traveling with a service dog.


Yes, Air France allows dogs to travel in the cabin. However, the dogs should not leave their bags unless they are registered service animals. Some dogs have to be checked and transported in cargo. Contact Air France customer service to learn more.


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