If you prefer a window or an aisle seat, you’re in luck when traveling with Air France. You can choose your seats in advance, but it may cost you. Here’s how to snag your preferred seat.

Pay for Seating

When you’re booking, you can pay to select your seat in advance. This applies to premium, premium economy, and business class. The rate will depend on your fare, your destination, when you are traveling, and more. As you book, you will see an option to pay to choose your seats in advance, and it will show how much it will cost.

You can pay for advance seat selection using miles or credits if you have them. Just make sure you do so more than 30 hours in advance of your departure.

Choose for Free

You can choose your seat for free if you select it less than 30 hours before your flight, so you’ll want to set an alarm to remind yourself to check-in. As you check-in, you will be prompted to pick from all the available seats. At this time, you can also upgrade your fare for a fee if you want to sit in premium seats.

Keep in mind that status passengers, passengers with reduced mobility, and children traveling alone can always choose their seats for free.


You can choose your seat on Air France, but if you want to do so in advance of your flight, you will need to pay a fee. Otherwise, seat selection is free less than 30 hours from your departure time.


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