Plans shift, and when you travel with Air France, you can change your flight date. However, there may be fees and exclusions that apply.

Changing My Flight Date

Just because you bought the ticket doesn’t mean you have to go on the trip. You can always change the date if something comes up. To do so, simply navigate to the my bookings page on your account. This is available online or via the app. From there, you can modify your existing reservation, change the date, or, in some cases, cancel the trip.

Change fees may apply, so expect to pay between $20 and $35. If there is a price difference in fare, you will need to pay the difference. If it’s cheaper, you may be credited. The only exception to this is if you change it within 24 hours of booking. All changes made within 24 hours from the time you booked are free.

If you have any issues changing the date of your flight, contact their customer service team. They can help you through the process.

Third-party Tickets

Some passengers purchase tickets through third-party agencies to secure a better rate. You will need to contact Air France to change your flight date if this applies to you. You cannot do it online through their website, though you may be able to change it through the company you booked through.


You can change your flight date after booking. If it’s less than 24 hours after you booked, it will be free. If it’s after, additional change fees may apply.


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