Air France offers flexibility to its passengers, so if you need to make changes to your flight, you are able to do so. Depending on when and the type of fare you have, these changes may be subject to additional fees.

Modifying your Reservation

To change your Air France flight, you simply need to modify your reservation. You can do this in one of three ways.

  • Log into your Air France app
  • Log into your Air France account online via mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.
  • Contact Air France’s customer service team.

Locate your existing reservation. If it doesn’t autopopulate, you may need to locate your booking reference number. Once you find your flight, you can make the changes you need, including changing the date, itinerary, and fare.

Keep in mind there may be fees that apply when you make changes to your existing reference. The only exception is if you cancel within 24 hours of your original booking date. You are able to make that adjustment free of charge, which may be easier than trying to adjust your existing fare.

What Else Can I Change?

You can change your seat preferences if you pre-purchased a seat, as well as your meal preferences, baggage allowance, and more. There will be a full list of the things you can do as you try to modify your reservation.


You can change your flight with Air France, but you may have to pay a fee to do so if it is after 24 hours of your original booking.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted Air France flights.

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