When your flight has been cancelled, delayed more than three hours, or you are unable to board due to the airline overbooking your flight, the European Union has made it possible since February of 2004 to get compensation from the airline companies with EU Ruling EC261/2004. This ruling was designed to protect travelers who were being taken advantage of by the airline companies. It allows travelers to receive compensation up to 600 Euros depending on the length of the flight. In order to petition for this compensation, the traveler has to submit a EU261 Disruption Compensation and Expense Claim Form. This form was updated on February 2023.


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The EU261 Disruption Compensation and Expense Claim Form is a helpful tool for travelers trying to file for compensation themselves. Most travelers choose the easier route and have a company fill out the form and submit it for them, especially when airlines are not willing to pay your compensations easily. A list of these companies can be found on our 10 Best Flight Compensation Companies comparison page here. Here we have compiled a list of the companies we think offer the best options to our customers. Most of these companies make the process very easy for the customer by just needing the information off of their boarding pass, as well as some additional information like a passport.

Although there are many companies that will make the process easier, some disgruntled travelers decide to try their hand at the proceedings themselves. To do this, they can use the EU261 Disruption Compensation and Expense Claim Form. The first page details the instructions that the passenger needs to keep in mind for the process. First, it is important that the passenger keep a copy of the form for their records just in case it gets lost in the mail or the airline fails to reply to his or her claim within  six weeks. If the airline does not respond within that time, the form should be sent to the national enforcement body in the country where the incident took place in order for action to be taken. This form is only for flight compensation, not any other type of compensation. After reading the instructions on the first page, the customer can then begin to fill out the bottom page using all block capital letters.

Filling out the form is very straightforward as long as the customer has all of his or her information ready to do so. The form requires the name, address, email, and phone number of the person submitting the claim. In addition, it requires information concerning the flight including the airline, ticket number, booking reference, airport of departure, date of the flight, flight number, and more information about the scheduled versus actual time of departure and arrival. In addition to these initial informational questions, there are more follow up questions to find out just what kind of accommodations and experience the traveler had who is making the claim. This form is an instrumental tool in helping disgruntled passengers get the compensation they deserve from a flight that was either delayed more than three hours, cancelled, or overbooked by the airline meaning their seat got downgraded or they simply were not allowed to board.